Adonia Mithra
Played by Sage
Name Adonia Mithra
Gender Female
Age 213
Race Succubus
Birthdate May 19th
Height 5'8'' / 173 cm
Weight 157 lbs / 71 kg
Hair Blonde
Eyes Violet
Skin tone Rosy pale
Occupation Math teacher
Favourite food Others' amorous emotions
Known skills Expertise in mathematics, physics and chemistry, novice of cabalistic magics, expert in necromatic soul linking
Alignment True neutral
Birthplace Gefenia


As a succubus, Adonia is gifted with natural beauty in order to sustain herself with the "nutrition" needed. She is a woman of slightly short stature for her race. Her hair is long and blonde, usually tied in a ponytail, with little wispy waves and curls framing her face. Her eyes are oddly light coloured, a charming shade of pale lavender. Adonia's body type is typical for that of a succubus; wide hips and a large bust to display an hourglassy torso, and long, flawless legs. Small, curled horns adorn her head and dark brown, leathery wings sprout from her shoulder blades. She wears a pair of red-framed glasses and can usually be seen wearing a red-and-black dress professionally tailored for her career, with a white jacket.


Adonia is much unlike others of her race. She is quiet, introverted, and lacking the usual promiscuity that most succubi display. Though succubi absolutely need to experience amorous emotions from another race to survive, she feels ashamed of this need and "feeds" only once per week on men who are asleep. She thinks highly of her reputation as an intellectual, and these two beliefs she holds near to her stems a habit of bottling up any feelings other than orderly professionalism. Adonia is usually very calm and logical, preferring to go off of practicality than feelings. However, in the rare times that her bubble of detachment and methodicalness is disturbed, she tends to succumb to tears since her habits are not suited to handling such situations.




  • Kimmy O'Riley
    • A little witch girl who has explained her enjoyment of learning. She is optimistic and cheery, and Adonia finds her her enthusiasm for knowledge quite adorable.
  • Jacob Abbey
    • A charming man whom Adonia has taken a liking to for his sincerity. Unknown to him, she has already fed off of him several times, which is developing a further attraction to him for her.


  • Pending
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