Adrianne Deneph
Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Adrianne Deneph
Gender Female
Age 21
Race Human
Birthdate 12th July
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Hair Brown, dyed Black
Eyes Aqua Green
Skin tone Caucasian
Occupation Paladin, ex-Witch(?)
Favourite food Various
Known skills Shield-wielding techniques, Holy Magic, witchcraft(?)
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Shyden


Adrianne doesn't have a fixed appearance, yet the scheme of colours often involves black in addition to another colour, often being red or gold. Something that she almost wears everywhere is a black captain's hat and big silver loop earrings.


She is, briefly said, a turtle; she hides behind a wall of cautiousness, her rude/crude language repels some people as it is quite often and unconciously instant around her friends. She can be polite and formal whenever she wants to but it is quite a rare occurance.


Adrianne lived with her family in Shyden throughout her childhood and teenage years, befriending Davven at the age of 13. Bored with the usual life, Adrianne started to meddle in witchcraft and kept practicing it for quite a number of years. Her liking in books has increased her interest in such a practice. She also knew Davven at a very young age being very good friends, yet he disappeared out of her life one fine day and she was left alone, thus pushing her more into her books and studies. She has also got into Crusaderhood at the age 10, where she has managed to achieve a steady progress until the incident happened.

She led a perfectly normal life until at around 16 Adrianne's parents were murdered and she had to forecefully leave Shyden due to such an attack, taking her brother Elson with her.

However there were many reasons why Adrianne left; despite of it being not just a random murder, her practices unlocked a dream of a past life she had and the results were shocking; she found out about Nirvana,the evil that once was to manifest Shyden and how it got locked away. Moreover her stomach sickly lept when she discovered that she had die to basically lock up this evil and how she got the same shield that she used in that very same life. Sworn to never again go to Shyden, she travelled to Prontera in order to transcend to Paladin with her brother and the shield by her side, putting her witchcraft practices in the dark.

She has spent about three years in Prontera and she has met a lot of different people, including the Pope Nephilia. She has frequent visits to the Pope's office as she had a hard time to keep up her faith. She confessed about her past practices of witchcraft and wha she saw, yet the Pope dismissed them as being merely dreams. Nephilia instead told Adrianne to take a brek form her Paladin work and dismissed her from the Cavalry, funding her enough to go around the continent.

Adrianne accepted such an offer and thus went to travel on, leaving Elson in St.Capitolina Abbey to train as a monk. She took around a year going from one place to the other until she travelled into the Arunafeltz desert. She encountered a woman that attacked her on sight and Adrianne naturally defended against her assault, but shortly after the mysterious woman fled, Adrianne started to suffer from abnormal formation of cuts and loss of memory whenever a terrible thought or a powerful wave of anger came onto her.

She stitched herself quickly without any doses of anesthetics, trying not to lose too much blood and calming herself immediately as she starts to feel the pang of haziness and pain. She eventually grew scarred all over, covering herself in full clothes or in armor in order to hide her horrible state of body. Adrianne felt that she couldn't move that much any longer around the continent especially in her heavy armor. She completely lost contact from the Church and she didn't find anywhere to stay without paying an inn, therefore she stopped in the first place possible and applied to be a guard.

The place was Moscovia.

Story so far…

She once again settled in this city and has encountered a lot of strange people, however this is also where she encountered a man called Doherty Aodh. She talked to him frequently and by time she grew fond of the man. She also managed to see Davven once more, yet it was far from the Davven she once knew; she was shocked at how negative he turned out to be yet she still talked to him as much as she could. Unfortunately she felt it was for nothing as he seems disinterested, therefore she kept a distance and simply aided him whenever he seemed to be in trouble in Moscovia.

By time her condition grew worse as she started to get into stitches fits regularly until she eventually passed out into a coma. She was handed over to the Church where she once belonged, with Nephilia taking care of her. It was only then that her real condition got revealed: she got infected by the Force. Worried by Adrianne's situation, the Pope sent out her soldiers of Prontera to aid the heroes in order to find a cure from the Force. Much later this cure was discovered and Adrianne recovered to the full, free from scars and the Force itself.

When everything seemed to be calm, murders started to occur in Shyden and Adrianne started to get pale in the face; she knew terribly well what that meant and she was fearing the worst: going back to her hometown. In the meantime she got married to Doherty and was with child shortly after a month.

Suddenly tremors started to occur and Adrianne had no other choice; as the seal of Sagis started to break, Adrianne was forced back in her hometown in order to try and lock Sagis back with the help of Davven. The Eclipse approached, the tremors were getting worse and terror struck them on the last day of the eclipse where everyone died except for Adrianne, Davven and a few other powerful creatures. The Gods took her child from within her, promising her to hand the child to her husband if she aided in getting everyone back from the Dead.

Davven and her got a hand from the others that were dead in order to bring them back to life temporary; they seized this opportunity in order to seal Sagis once more. She along with the other people travelled deep into Nirvana and managed to successfully seal Sagis…with the cost of her and Davven's life.

She roamed as a spirit in Nifleheim as she hid herself from the rest of the crowd that were usually present for visiting; she felt rather alone when she knew that they didn't come to look for her, no one seemed to remember her and her husband never appear except when he tried to convince her to come back to life because there was no other way to remove the Eclipse (or so she viewed it to be). Adrianne completely refused at first, however she got convinced and got herself trapped in her own shield in order to be reunited with Doherty and the child she never saw.

However matters weren't as simple as they seemed.

Adrianne indeed saw the daughter that she always wanted to hold (who's name is Dorianne), however Doherty was a different matter. Adrianne grew furious when she discovered that he gave in to his evil side and she disagreed completely with what his morals turned out to be. She threw her marriage ring away, took away the child from him and ran to Heidelberg. She hoped to start a new life there, however she has long forgotten her Paladin ways. She turned back onto her witchcraft practices and hid away from the priests and the crowds that discriminated what now felt to be her art, living a poor life in solitude and taking care of her child. She grew to love her and doubts started to pile onto her mind; after all the world seem to have forgotten her sacrifice and being hunted down was all the reward she got.

Adrianne turned back to Doherty and begged him to come back to the household as she couldn't bear the situation any longer after a while. Doherty promised her to think about it well and give her a reply tomorrow, yet he never came back to tell her anything…

She never knew that her view of the world would change forever.


Just like the mystery she has always been Adrianne has pulled off yet another disappearing act, however she was never seen again from here on. Neither she nor her child do appear to be anywhere in Advent no matter how one might look and try to unearth her whereabouts. Speculated to be currently in foreign lands…

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