Aether Vengheart
Played by wimerker
Name Aether Vengheart
Gender Male
Age 33
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'3"
Weight 190, almost 249 with armor
Hair Pinkish and kept tied back
Eyes Dark brownish
Skin tone Tanned, otherwise white
Occupation Self proclaimed Witch/demon hunter, ex-knight of Prontera and Yuno
Favourite food Meat dishes
Known skills Great trident wielder, decent swordplay, decent boxer, and novice exorcist
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Lutie


Aether wears reddish/silver armor akin to those of lord knights. The armor is much thicker, as is the cape. He wears a black helmet that he acquired over his travels, and carries "Posidieon" and "Ethel." He wears a pair of thick black jeans and a long sleeved white shirt under the armor, an attempt to keep comfortable and defended at all times. His belts have all sorts of utilities in it, one belt carrying even bug spray.

He's appeared wearing other things, such as a long white dress shirt with a white vest over and equally white jeans. Aether has taken a liking to this sort of outfit, since it's easy to clean, comfortable, and has a lot of red. He likes to believe he has a sense of fashion, so he keeps ALL his clothes impeccably clean and fresh smelling. It's funny how he smells like steamed fish because of all the cats he pets and buys fish for every day.


* Posidieon - His main weapon, a trident. Upgraded to have leaf prongs as per Rhydian's suggestions. A little fairy smith forged it to have some lightning power in it. Despite being six feet long and cumbersome, he's absurdly agile with it.
* Ethel - The sword he got on his travels. It has a blackish blade and is extremely sharp. The sword looks like a mean looking machete, and that's exactly what he uses it like. This is more of a utility blade for Aether.

* Luke - A medium sized white feathered gryphon and is a balance between agile and strong. The reason for this balance is because Aether usually charges, trident first, into the enemy, requiring speed and strength to maintain a sort of blitz tactic.


He's a nice guy. You can't take him serious, but you have to sometimes. He's calm, collected, and at times just fun to hang out with. Nothing really bothers him besides innocents being hurt and idiots.


Born god knows when in a little cottage in Lutie, Aether grew up primarily doing what other children did in Lutie. He went to school, messed with adults, and screwed around when not doing anything important. Nothing much to say about his past.

At the age of 13 he self taught himself how to use his father's trident when a freak monster attack claimed the life of his dad. He entered the swordsman academy at around this time and began formal training in using the trident. He entered the chivalry at the age 19 and continued training. He met Luke in the stable and, in a freak accident, rode him around with some skill. He began formally training with a gryphon for the rest of his chivalry years.

Age 28, Aether decided to leave the chivalry due to a "freak accident" involving some hurt civilians and other stuff he does not like to talk about. He began following his father's footsteps in a quest to become a decent demon hunter. He left Luke at the stables and went on his merry way, hoping to never have to go back to the chivalry after what had happened.


  • Marianne
    • A succubus that he had met in his training to be a demon hunter. He caught her terrorizing a town and gave the cliched life or death choice. She tricked him and had a good laugh, leaving the town soon after. She likes to taunt Aether often and cares not one bit for anyone's safety except hers and Aether's. She's like his wife in a sense, but not really. She left him because their contract expired, but she still visits to agitate him.
  • Noble Castiel
    • A bastet that met Aether in cat form, tricking him into believe she was just a normal cat until Marianne told him the truth. He likes her a lot, primarily because she's a cat and he's got a thing for cats. They hang out together often and share their views on things at times. He thinks she's a great person and not at all in any way clumsy, though she does get awkward at times. He has admitted and confessed to loving her very dearly, but even after their kiss he feels doubt that she really loves him the same way.
  • Geo Damon
    • A great little kid (even though he's 16/17) and thinks he's talented in all sorts. He likes to talk to this guy about personal things and thinks he can trust him as much as Maria and Noble.
  • Jeremiah
    • A chivalry buddy and fellow order mate. He likes the guy, even though he hasn't talked to him much.
  • Renkaru
    • Doesn't really like Ren, but he's okay guy. He's not a bad fighter, he thinks at least.


  • Doesn't like noble folk
  • Doesn't take stuff seriously on the outside, but is very serious on the inside.
  • Absolutely HATES stuffy people. And people that can't take jokes.
  • Womanizer. He likes his women.
  • Huge cat lover. Seriously huge.
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