Akiha Akasuki
Played by Akiha
Name Akiha Akasuki
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate September 22
Blood Type A
Height 160 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hair Pink
Eyes Light Red
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Assassin
Favourite food Cakes and Other Sweets
Known skills Very Agile, Master at using daggers, Good at concealing herself, Cooking Survival food.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Rachel
Weapons Scarlet and Vermillion, Her Bunny hairpins can shoot out a Paralyzing Poisonous needle. She carries a Katar but rarely uses them.
Quote "i-idiot!"


Akiha is a girl with a long-silk like pink hair she has beautiful red like eyes and a slender figure. She wears a Red Traditional robe outside her Assassin outfit
and always wears the hairpins she got from Kino. She always carries her two daggers Scarlet and Vermillion.

The main dagger and the one she always uses. It was named after her beloved mother who got stabbed in the heart by it. She found it covered all red in her mothers blood at the night of the incident, And decided to take it as her own weapon .

The Second dagger that she used. She only uses it when she's in a pinch or in real danger. It was also named after her honorable father that she loved so much.
She found it stabbed at her fathers heart covered in blood and decided to take it as her own weapon.


Akiha is a very silent and quiet girl, She always had the trouble of interecting with other people.
Mainly because of her past, But in truth she really a cheerful and lively girl and is quite protective of her childhood friend Shino because they
have developed quite a weird relationship,She gets all moody and mad when shino interacts with other girls.
She also has a very shy personality and would get all mad easily when being teased/make fun of
(Shino usually teases her all the time and makes her wear cat ears) and ends up beating him up 8D;


Akiha was born in the town of Rachel the largest city in Arunafeltz, she is a member of the high-class Akasuki family who handles Ore and weapon trading.
Their business is one of the most prosperous in town. She WAS a lively and cheerful girl, however for being the only daughter in a rich family,
she was very restricted from associating with other kids. One of her few childhood friends,
Shino was the only one who managed to spend time with her a lot due to his father being the Knight in charge of the securities for her family's safety.

One day, when they were playing Akiha mentioned the fact that she has never gone out of the mansion and wants to see the outside world.
Shino who wants to grant her wish sneak out of the mansion with her. Shino brought her to a wide grass field full with bloomed, colorful flowers.
Akiha was amazed how big the world outside of her mansion was. After playing around,
they took a rest under a large solitary tree that happens to be near the field of flowers.
Shino gave akiha some cute bunny hairpins saying "Keep this for me, as long as you wear it ill always be by yourside".
It was then, when they made a promise to sneak out again and go to the town next time. On the way back,
they lost their ways and got attacked by a savage and was saved by a wandering bard who passed by.
The bard's identity remained a mystery, he says goodbye to both of them and dissapeared before the fields.
They then arrived home safely and got scolded badly.
Since then, Shino was prohibited to see Akiha.

As their family business keeps growing and prospering
Jealousy and hatred towards their family grew and one of the jealous business rivals who
went bankrupt due to loosing in business with their family decided to Hire Assassins to kill her parents.
On one dark and gloomy night Akiha wakes up and finds her parents
lifeless and all covered in blood both of them has a Dagger stabbed on their hearts.
The Assassins were never found the only evidence left are the daggers that killed her mother and father.
She cried and cried.. And took both of the daggers that
was used to kill her parents. The daggers had a weird Symbol/Emblem on them, she vowed to find out this group's identity and take her revenge
for her parents. She fled from their mansion and decided to live by herself, People assumed she died and got killed by the assassins as well.

Living alone is like a new thing for her, because she basically lived a princess's life in their house. Until she met..
Cyrille a guy who betrayed the assassin guild and wants to live a solitary life, He found the kid almost dead and took care of her.
He taught her the basics of survival and some basic assassin techniques, he always says "This will come in handy one day".
Cyrille never told Akiha anything about his past so he was shrouded in complete mystery, So Akiha always ends up asking him why does he know such Techniques.
Some years later after akiha came back from picking firewood she found the person dead the same way her parents did.
She found the person's Diary containing some of his past and goals as an assassin and so Akiha uses that to pursue her revenge.

She travelled to morroc along with the Two Daggers that took her parents lives and the hairpins that Shino gave to her that she's always wearing.
She easily got in the assassin guild because of the things she learned from Cyrille and also because of how she looks
(No one would think an innocent looking girl like her is an assassin right?) .
She started working as an assassin in hopes to get information about the group that killed her parents and Cyrille.

One day while she was given a mission to assassinate a Mercenary leader named Barrett . She plans her move and sneaked up on him thru the windows of their base shooting a paralyzing poison pin from her hairpins, The mercenary leader being paralized She takes out her dagger and Kills the man as planned. However she notices a sound saw someone peeking from the door, she grabs her and pushes him towards a wall and prepares to kill him.. But she stopped in hesitation
when she sees his face, She's shocked.. she still remembers his face.. The boy that gave her freedom and his only friend when she was young. This gave the boy
a chance to push her away her mask falls off. He seems to Be shocked as well the boy must have recognized her face as well. Their reunite was made short when the guards heard the noise and was alerted. Akiha noticing it ran of through the open window and dissapears into the depth of night.

To be Continued…


  • Shino Kinoshita~ Akiha's Childhood friend. And travel companion in searching for the people responsible for killing her parents, They got seperated after the incidents that happened when they were still young, But eventually got reunited 7 years. He's a nice young man that always makes Akiha smile though mysterious at the same time he doesnt like talking about his past.
  • Etude Collete~ A Wandering Performer that saved Akiha and Shino when they were young. He didnt introduce himself to them before but they eventually met up after 7 years and decided to travel with each other.
  • Cyrille~ A Mysterious Assassin that took care of Akiha when she was young. Many things are not known about him but he is the one that taught akiha the basics of living alone. He died after being killed by the same assassin group that killed her parents.


  • Scarlet means a vivid red color. Vermillion means a vivid reddish orange color. Her family name "Akasuki" Means fond of Red.
  • Akiha loves Shino's cooking so she ends up making him cook more and more.
  • Akiha likes to eat alot but mysteriously it doesnt affect her slender figure.
  • Akiha end's up beating up Shino when he tries to cheer her up (Forcing her to wear Cat ears)
  • People often mistake her hairpin for just a normal accesorry, but its actually one of her dangerous weapons.
  • Akiha is Overprotective.
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