Albert Cross

**Name: Albert Cross
Age: 21
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 lbs. (Atheletic built)
Hair: Silvery White
Eyes: Light blue
Birth: 11/10/


The Escape Chapter 1

(Albert age 12)

The night was filled with chaotic sounds of scream and explosion everywhere as the monsters rampage all over morroc.

"Mother Noo!!" Screamed Albert. "Albert you must leave, please understand!" as Albert's mother tried to calm him down. "But, i want to be with you mother!" replied Albert. "There's no time, this man is your father's friend he will take you to my brother's house in Izlude he is a Knight there just like your father. For now please behave. I'll be right behind you, just wait for me." as Albert's mother explained. "Take this it was your father's i've kept it ever since he died defending us from those monsters, take it so will remember" said Albert's mother as she handed over The crest of their family. "Now go! and always remember who you are i love you son" Albert's mother yelled as the knight's pecopeco hurried away. "Noooo!!! Mother!!!" screamed albert. "Dont worry boy, you mother will be right behind us just as she said." said the Knight.

The Knight and Albert traveled South from morroc to reach a secret dock from which they would take a ship that will take them to Izlude.

The Sun rises and Albert and the Knight arrives at the secret dock

"Huh… . . well their a bit late" said the Knight. "Im hungry" said Albert. "Boy i was asked to escort you boy not to be your personal kafra" Said the Knight. "Then let me borrow your knife so i can hunt for food!" said Albert in a Gurmpy voice. "Is that an order or are you asking me?" asked the Knight. "Can i please borrow your knife mr. knight so i may hunt something to eat?" asked Albert in lazy voice. "Here, catch!" said the Knight as he threw the knife at Albert. "Hey! watch it! you almost hit me with that!" yelled Albert. "Don't worry im very skilled i use to fight along side your dad. And dont call me mr. knight my name is Alistair" said Alistair.
"Whatever im hungry im going to hunt for food" said Albert in an annoyed voice. "Come back soon if you don't i'll leave you here" said Alistair. Alistair felt a horrific pain in his side. "Well i better start the fire so he can cook his hunt" Alistair telling himself.

Albert wandered the hot desert of morroc searching for food. He comes across a Condor pecking on a Drops.

"Hmmm . . i haven't had a Condor ever since me and dad hunted" said Albert.He grabs his knife and slowly sneaked behind the condor. "Hello breakfast!" yelled Albert.Albert's knife stabbed the back of the condor's neck instantly killing it. He takes his kill with him and walked back to the secret dock. "Hey!! i have breakfast!!" yelled Albert. As he arrives the knight was sitting near a fire. "Hey, hey Alistair did you hear me? I have breakfast" said Albert. As albert got closer he noticed the red fluid on the ground. "Alistair?" asked Albert in a quiet voice. Albert noticed Alitair's muffler was soaked in blood. "Alistair!!" screamed Albert.
Before the ship arrived Albert gave Alistair a proper burial. He placed Alistair's sword on the mound as a grave marker. "Thank you for everything Alistair, im sorry i never got to know you like how my father knew you" said Albert.
The sun was setting as the ship set sail for Izlude. Albert stared at the distance thinking if he'll ever see his mother.

End of chapter 1.

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