Alecto Della Corte
Played by Telestra
Name Alecto Della Corte
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Birthdate February 26
Height 6'1"
Weight 101 lbs.
Hair Jet black. No, no, the new black that scientists just came out with, VANTABLACK. HER HAIR IS SO BLACK IT LITERALLY DISTORTS THE SPACE AROUND IT
Eyes Brown
Skin tone Light tanned but i don't know what the fuck light tanned is bruh
Occupation Former assassin then assassin again because how the hell is this bitch gonna defend herself she aint a saint
Favourite food Pistachio
Known skills Assassination, duh. DUH. DUH. HOLY SHIT. SHE'S AN ASSASSIN HOLY SHIT. HO LY
Alignment Neutral Good lol just playin
Birthplace Lighthalzen


Alecto is rather a fearful sight at first; a pristine Zealotus mask constantly adorns half of her face and trademark assassin clothing that seems to be severely ripped in some places because she's still going through her emo phase. Alecto has distinct, fox-esque features, but large almond-shaped eyes that are seldom without some sort of impish gleam except when she got caught doin some awkward shit. Her jet black hair is always immaculately maintained, suggesting meticulous care for it. Hardass.


Despite her grim appearance, Alecto is rather easy to crack a smile. Its hard to get to her smile genuinely though even though I literally JUST said she is easy to crack a smile, what the fuck. Sarcasm is definitely, DEF, TOTES, TOOOOTALLLY her kind of humor. She also tends to act very prim and ladylike, which seems uncharacteristic for someone of her profession because assassins are all grimy and pissy amirite. Sometimes she can be nice, but only to friends when she's hella krunk ** Recently, however, she hasn't been so lively as she used to be. She seems strangely calm, and streaks of her former vindictive attitude have been resurfacing. But behind this composure she seems highly unstable. she was going through her rebellious teenager phase. mom wouldn't let her wear the zealotus mask. rude.




Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
  • Aurikyo Nekura ( Neutral +24 )
    • Relationship: Aurikyo was one of two Alecto's first real friends, seeing as she didn't really have any at all in her youth. She almost considers her a sister. THE BAE
  • Sorrow ( Neutral -24 )
    • Relationship: Along with Aurikyo, Alecto also met Sorrow. Despite his crazy shenanigans, she enjoys his company and shootin the shit with this dank lame ass motherfucker
  • Caim ( Liked +60 )
    • Relationship: He's almost like a little brother. She finds him trustworthy and easy to talk to as young as he is. He creeps her out sometimes without meaning to, though, like some horror movie shit man I don't know whats up
  • Fenris Valkyria ( Liked +70 )
    • Relationship: A true friend. They've both been in similar situations, and it's a relief to have someone around who understand. Alecto admires her honesty and simplicity, which is a big change from what she's usually use to because everyone was lyin bastard, come on y'all


  • She plays violin. It is rather unusual, and is almost never known except actually she told everyone oooOOps
  • Hates porings with a passion because she's a quirky motherfucker
  • Spies on people avidly. She LOVES gossip. Like no, you don't understand. She will strip for that shit. Hardcore.
  • Speaks fluent Glatto (Italian).
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