Alexis Valentine
Played by KevC
Name Alexis Valentine
Also known as Val
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5' 9"
Weight Unknown
Hair Sky blue
Eyes White
Skin tone Pale
Occupation Scavenger, bounty hunter/hitman
Favourite food -
Known skills Incredible agility and speed, advanced in Assassin combat style and methods
Alignment Chaotic good
Birthplace Unknown



Wears a mask, a scarf and has hand-made, damaged clothes.


Alexis had a very agitated past and childhood. His parents were always good, honest, caring and loving people, but you can't say the same for their surroundings. Alexis, or more frequently called "Val", always learned things the hard way. For example, he had a lunatic as a pet when he was a kid. The little monster became sick someday, and his father explained to him that he had to kill it. He didn't want to at first… His father then proceeded to stab Val with a knife 3 times at different places. "That's what he's feeling like right now, and it won't end until he dies" were his father's next words. Next thing you know, the kid was about to explode his pet with a hammer. Somewhat shocked, his father acknowledge that he exaggerated too much so he proceeded to explain that no one wants to die in such a horrible and dishonorable way.

His family were part of the richest in his hometown, but on the verge of going down a level. His father was one of the most respected and reputed knights in town, hated by a lot of criminals. Because of this, his father had to make sure that Alex could protect his family as soon as possible since he was the oldest of the kids and always had talent in the arts of fighting. To help Alex become more advanced, his father hired him at the age of 13 as his assistant so he could be his successor when older. Fighting by the side of a master knight made of Val one of the most advanced fighters for his age.

At the age of 16, things went horribly wrong. Knights and city guards had turned Val and his father. Their motives being that "James" and his acolyte were a danger to the city. Obviously, this event was a product of the knight's jealousy and the criminal's desire to assassinate Val and his father. An horrible fight between the city's authority personnel and James along with Val broke out in the middle of the town. Being overwhelmed, they had to flee while some of James' still loyal knight friends would help him. The two head-hunted fighters had to split path in their runaway. After hiding in a safe spot, Val had to change his appearance so he could go back in the city without being spotted. While searching for some clothes in a dark corner of the city, he found in the thrash a weird mask along with some old clothes. The mask looked somewhat weird, but to Val, it was probably for a festival or celebration of some kind. He decided to use it anyways. After a while of searching what had happened to his father and family, he discovered that his house, and apparently everyone inside, has been burned down…

The two next years that followed, he killed everyone that was related to the incident with his identity covered by his mask. Having killed the leader of an assassin's organization first, he was chosen as the new boss of it. He took the opportunity to learn everything an assassin should know, or more simply : How to kill someone with the only noise being the one of a corpse dropping dead on a floor. After having eliminated everyone who was implied in his father's death, Val left the city along with the assassin's clan (with it's members dead, Val took the opportunity to practice), having in mind to clear royalty corruption, abuse of power injustice, and of course, criminals.


-Coming soon


  • Because of his hate for corruption amongst city staff, he is part of an organization considered criminal since they fight against lawbreakers, thieves, corruption and other kind of dishonest activities with different methods.
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Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
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