Alisha Tufur
"Alisha Tufur" by Davven

Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Alisha Tufur (Pronounciation: Ah-Lee-Sha To-Foor)
Gender Female
Age Not known in certain, but more than 2500
Race Succubus
Birthdate 31st October
Height 6'2"
Weight Not known
Hair Blonde, but dyed dark violet
Eyes Red
Skin tone Sheet white
Occupation Mayor of Niflheim, Necromancer
Favourite food *cough*
Known skills Master in True Necromancy, Expert in Elemental Magic, Novice in Witchcraft
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Ravandon (now ruins, buried under Prontera)


Alisha has a body that looks as if she's in her 20s, promoting curves rather than slimness. In fact Alisha is not even to be considered as thin; she has full chest, hips, butt and thighs with a flat stomach. Her face is thin and long/oval shaped, with bold cheekbones, thin sharp-looking eyes and a rude smile decorating her overall face expression.

She has a knack of wearing Gothic clothing or glamorous and bombastic attire a lot of times, yet her clothing always changes even though she sticks with the same outfit for a long while. She is also a huge fan of piercings and tattooing; she has around 10 to 15 piercings on her ears, 4 on her face, one in her navel and some others in different areas. She also has a tattoo all over her back, shoulders and above her chest.

Alisha is always, ALWAYS seen about with her skeletal staff, made out of real creature bones and skulls which various spirits rewarded her. It is basically her trophy in Necromancy achievements.


Alisha is an understanding person and intelligent, yet such is hidden under layers and layers of her open, rude and flirtatious character. The normal Alisha that the public sees is a bitch in wings and horns, ready to prey on the men…


In her first few days Alisha was already identified to be a succubus because of the horns and the little wings, something that Duke Ramael Tufur never really wanted to show to the public. Knowing this the Duke called forth one of his most powerful sorcerers that served him called Galilei Morkieze, commanding him to cast one of his most powerful illusion spell onto Alisha in order to bury her demonish appearance. It worked perfectly and thus her human days have begun. Duke Tufur was a divorced man who killed the mother succubus at the girl’s death, or so it was believed, and made Alisha his new slave. Though due to her lust for power and control, Alisha killed him on his 69th birthday when she was only 16 years old. She never had in mind to avenge her mother, whom Alisha never knew who she really was.

The powerful “human”, Countess Alisha, ruled the city called Ravandon which was part of Rune-Midgard and nowadays in ruins under Prontera; a beautiful woman with dark reddish hair and crystal blue eyes, who has gone anorexic in her last human days. Her rule was harsh and her ways were brutal, like a god of her own; she taxed her people really expensively, she used to pick men and use them following with a series of tortures afterwards, she used to use child labor and a lot of other atrocities. On her 21st birthday, Morkieze infiltrated the castle alone and fought Alisha for her position since his powers has increased over the last years. Being the proud woman she accepted such a fight, and after a series of attacks she fell down onto her knees. As soon as Galilei saw this, he cancelled the illusion spell that Alisha bore and sooner than she knew it, she started to turn back into her succubus self.

In the meantime Mavera, who was the biological mother of Alisha, was following Alisha's every step and was displeased and yet pitiful towards how Alisha has ended up and decided to save her sanity. Weaseling her way in Ravandon, Mavera burst in and killed off Morkieze for good as she was way too superior in her magic and saw Alisha returning to her normal self.

Driven mad, Alisha attacked her mother and as her state was weak, she later collapsed and was reduced to nothing. Mavera picked her up and flew out of Ravandon. The city degraded into being in total chaos and eventually, abandoned for good. In the meantime Mavera flew back to Geffenia, where Alisha was nursed back to her sanity thanks to her mother and her sisters.


After the death of the Barons, Alisha has mysteriously disappeared from the face of Advent. Some say that she might be wiped out of existence due to her contract with the Black Crystal. Others say that after her responsibility being lifted off her shoulders, she ran off from the continent of Advent in order to seek out new opportunities she never sought. Whatever the reason is, Alisha left everything behind and is never seen again.

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