Alma, drawn by Sage
Played by Sage
Name Almaden
Gender Female
Age 319
Race Elven
Birthdate June 21st
Height 6' (183 cm)
Weight 182 lbs (83 kg)
Hair Sienna
Eyes Dark amber
Skin tone Creamy-pale, lightly freckled
Occupation Priestess
Favourite food Sugar cookies
Origin ???
Current residence Varies


Almaden is significantly taller than most females and is average in weight; she is not toned nor physically fit, nor is she beautifully slim, but indeed curvaceous. Her sienna-coloured hair is naturally tamed into slight cascades to her mid-back. However, Almaden is a bit self-conscious about her body; her year spent in civilization has contributed a few pounds, and she can't help but notice how she compares to other women.

Her clothes consist of a layered dress, a mini-jacket, stockings, and 2-inch heels. They are in her favourite colours of pale green, brown and white. Her skin is fair with a few freckles endowed upon her from wandering under the sun, and contrasts strikingly with her hair. She is clean and well-kept, displaying no unsightly dirt, patched clothing, or flashy jewelry. Quite plain, but Almaden is content with her appearance and always has more thoughtful things on her mind.


Anyone's first impression of Almaden is either that she is extremely selfless and kind, or a complete idiot. It's only been a few years now since she's been in civilization. She is extremely carefree, and prefers to make the most delicious lemonade ever with the lemons life gives her. She has a noticeably short attention span and a merry disposition, and will frequently be found chatting lively with others about the most trivial, simple, or even deeply complex of subjects—either that, or snoozing in the sun in odd places.

Often appearing to lack common sense and even unknowingly presenting herself as an imbecile is no concern of hers; Almaden will repeatedly prove to be completely honest to others as well as herself; even too honest, to the point where she could easily be exploited by someone who wished to harm her. She always has a place for a bit of trust for anyone, of any background; however, she is not truly as much of fool as she appears, and can recognize when her trust in someone has been broken.

She is a complete advocate of doing good for others and helping where she can, and is at peace with who she is and what she does.


Jonathan and Esther Yorwyn were returning home from their holiday in Hugel, travelling by airship. The couple had brought along their two daughters, Julietta and Genevieve—ages 3 and 2 years old, respectively. The trip had been a pleasant stay at their summer cottage. Now that autumn was near, it was time to return to their estate in Alberta. As the zeppelin flew over the Mjolnir Mountains, however, the engines made a horrid screech, stalling to a stand-still.

The ship dropped unsteadily as the captain attempted, to the best of his abilities, a smooth descent. The passengers, all upper-class citizens, were rightfully terrified that the ship was heading toward the thick canopy of trees that shaded the uncharted wilderness below. As the airship skimmed the treetops, the dock smashed into the taller trees and lurched violently. The Yorwyns clung to one another within the cabin of the dock. A wayward branch broke the cabin door clean off of its hinges and everyone held on for dear life; but Genevieve slid from her mother’s grasp, off of the trembling dock floor, and plummeted down, down, down…

Deep in the wilderness of the Mjolnir Mountains, so far in that common people find no purpose to venture there, they found her: an elven infant, on the verge of toddlerhood, lay swathed in blankets upon the sacred Bellaverde flower. How could this be so? Her skin, so pale unlike the rest of theirs; her eyes, deep amber as the setting sun—and here, upon the Flower of Life? Why, she must be a gift from the sky, from where all things originate: she was a Skychild.

The Te’arch people took in this Skychild, bestowing upon her a name: Almaden. The peaceful tribe of people were followers of the little-known belief of Gauchl. They viewed the universe, nature, and the notion of God as one governing force. They worshipped this force through deep respect and reverence of nature, and distanced themselves from the pollution that is the cities, societies, economies and politics spread throughout Advent. The Te’arch tribe were the people entrusted with the duty of guarding one of their living holy shrines, the sacred Bellaverde flower. It was believed that when the universe wished to communicate directly with its children, it would bestow upon them a child who would bring about a revelation.

Little Almaden was raised by the Te’arch people with love and care. She did not have a set of parents to tend to her, for all of the Te’arch were her parents, her sisters, brothers, friends; they stressed that no specific title was important for those who loved her. Though Almaden was certainly most precious to them, they did not wish to make her feel especially different, thus potentially resulting in feeling outcasted. She was allowed her to grow and learn about the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly that life had to offer. If the Skychild could flourish, she could teach them much.

They soon discovered upon her tenth year of age that Almaden was more peculiar than they had initially thought. She would spontaneously bear lacerations on her body that bled freely, emitting a floral aroma. The Te’arch were intrigued by how the stigmata came and went, and sought to find the cause. Almaden herself was unsure, but remarked that she felt a horrible feeling of despair when the stigmata appeared.

One of the more philosophical Te’arch suggested that if Almaden bore the mark of Bellaverde, she may further deepen her understanding of the wounds and the feeling they brought. So it was done; Almaden led herself to religious ecstasy through fasting for twenty days and relied only upon the morning dew for physical nutrition. The Bellaverde with two parallel wings were etched into her back at the end of the trial.

It was only after many, many years later that Almaden learned what the stigmata symbolized. While enjoying breakfast with friends one day, the lacerations appeared; shortly thereafter, a small group of the Te’arch returned from a month long hike. They reported seeing many humans from Prontera clearing the forest around the edges, making wider pastures for their livestock. The news shocked and saddened them all, for bringing harm to the forests was disrespecting the planet, the universe, the force that governs all that was and all there ever will be. By now, though, there was little the Te’arch could do.

A week after this incident, Almaden informed them that she wished to take a journey to learn more about the world—and in doing so, learn why people took the gifts of Advent for granted. The fellow Te’arch helped prepare her for her journey and wished her well on her quest; Almaden did not know when she would return, but she promised that one day she would come back to the tribe and reveal her findings.

Knowing nothing of life in a city, or even a mere small town, Almaden found herself at the mercy of the people she had avoided for nearly all of her life. She was sleeping in the streets and had thus, so far, acquired no food. This came to the attention of a kindly priest of the Prontera church, who insisted upon taking her in. At the church, she was well fed and given a bed to sleep in. She learned the teaching of the Triantism religion—and also taught how to cook. She took an immediate liking to pastries, namely cake. In return for the kindness she was given, Almaden volunteered to do tasks for the church daily.

She found the religion of Triantism to be quite intriguing, though it did not affect her faith in Gauchl. She spoke very little of her own faith, preferring to listen to the teachings of others. She soon travelled to Arunafeltz to learn the teachings of Freyanism, and soon thereafter to Yuan, to accumulate knowledge on the Shuukyo beliefs.

Almaden continued to travel the continent, learning of personal and widespread philosophies, meeting new friends, and learning new cake recipes. She is still quite ignorant on how to function as a “normal” member of society. She still often mixes up words and phrases in the common language, as it is her second language. Despite the drawbacks she faces, she tends to maintain a positive attitude.


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  • She has a peculiar, yet endearing laugh. You'll know it when you hear it.
  • Rarely does she ever not have snacks with her—especially pastries and baked goods.
  • She tends to give things names, whether they're alive or not.
  • She has a habit of adding baby-talk words into her speech; such as "kiddie-wids" instead of "kids," "sleepydeeps" instead of "sleep," and etc.
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