Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Ankasamun
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Skin tone Tanned
Occupation Former Queen, now rumored to be leader of the Sograt Desert Knights
Favourite food Unknown
Known skills Magic (Air specialty), double-blade wielding
Alignment Lawful Good
Birthplace Ismailia


Ankasamun looks like a woman that is in her late 20s, however her body is still as youthful as ever. Her body supports curves and shape rather than slimness and it is always seen in an upright alert position as much as a Knight would be. A slim face with Morrocian features, tanned and serious most of the time as if she is always on duty.

Ankasamun tends not to have a lot of makeup on her face when on her travels in the desert, but she has her black kohl done in the way she used to do it in ancient times (basically Egyptian styled). When dressed properly however, she has a full mask of it with all the finishes making her very stunning to look at. Her clothing is as royal as it was in her ancient time as a queen, however she wears more feasible clothes for her daily routines in order to fit her fighting style and use her abilities to the full if necessary. The clothing is mostly is a few pieces of cloth with light metal armor onto it, looking more like an armored dancer. She is often seen with a turban with a feather onto it just like the headgear of her loyal knights when she ventures alone or her light crown when she is accompanied with her knights. She also wears a red cloth around her nose and mouth to cover her identity from strangers of the desert for safety measures.

However this does not mean that she doesn't have her royal clothes anymore; she can be seen in her royal garbs, with cloths the color of gold and white fine linen and her official crown on her head, however this sight is a rare one.


Ankasamun was (and still is) a dedicated Queen for her people and is now determined to keep the Sograt Desert Knights strong in their motivations and objectives. She is noble, wise, sharp and cautious, being highly cultured and educated even though she's been only around the desert for most of her life. Ankasamun is also a successful politician and a good war strategist as she is a swift thinker and an initiator, however she seeks alliance, peace and order rather than war, destruction and anarchy.

With her balanced alert composition and her head held a little high, she has a strong, authoritative presence around people, be it a fellow knight, a stranger, a hero or a villain…or to be precise, the aura of a proper Queen. Due to such a fact, Ankasamun tends to stand out from the crowd. Even though this may make her look like a proud woman she is quite modest when one gets to know her, yet her fist is that of iron when passing down orders to her knights and such are said in an authoritative, polite manner.

Even though she is a creature with a noble cause she is not kind to the ill-doers that try to defile her beloved sands, as she would not think twice to execute the person in question if interrogated and either resist her or reveals ill intentions. In fact she proofs to be rather callous and cold towards the strangers she interrogates in the desert, mostly sneaking up to them with a knife onto their throat before she starts asking her questions in an authoritative manner.


The Beginning.

Ankasamun was born to Amon Ra and his wife in Ismailia during the ancient Sograt Empire, growing in an aristocrat family for all her life. She ascended to be part as one of the Palace's servants at an early age (around 14, and only nobles could work in the Pharaoh's Palace) as she secretly practiced swordsmanship in a private area where nobody really knew about. She was passionate about the sword, yet it was unheard of at that time to have women in the Pharaoh's army. She kept on working as a servant for around 4 years until one day she trouble started to brew.

The Sograt Regime was being confronted with threats of war if the Pharaoh wouldn't send the cargo of cloths he promised as a trade, therefore as to make up for the delay the Pharaoh sent his son, lesser soldiers and a few servants along with him in order to get the cargo of precious fibres safely to their destined continent. Ankasamun was one of the servants sent.

However during their travels in the heat of the desert, the cargo got attacked. Most of the soldiers died in the fight and the Prince was in mortal danger, having nothing but a few soldiers and servants to protect him from the outnumbering of his enemies. Ankasamun felt a surge of alarm throughout her whole body as she saw the strangers heading towards them. In a state of panic and instinct, she grabbed one of the dead soldier's sword and raised it against the strangers. Skillfully the young servant performed way better than most of the soldiers that were entrusted with the Prince, and his Royal Highness was very much intrigued as he never saw a woman fighting. The attack unfortunately turned to be at a defeat as the Prince, Ankasamun, another servant and two soldiers fled back to Ismailia. When they returned back the Pharaoh was furious about the news of the attack, sending soldiers from a higher rank to investigate the attack.

The Prince approached his father personally and suggested to make Ankasamun put in the Army. The Pharaoh was bemused greatly at this request, had a lengthy argument with him and after a good two hours they arrived to a conclusion; if she was that good, Ankasamun had to beat the Pharaoh's Champion. As such a statement was announced in the King's Throne Room, Ankasamun feared deeply at what it meant; a fight to the death, as the Champion was a brutal man with no mercy towards his opponent of whatever race and gender is the person. Much stories and tales about his brutality was told throughout the Capital of Ismailia and everybody feared the man when he walked down the streets, with some rumors even stating of the Champion enjoyed the company of beautiful women, yet he forced them in having affairs with him, thus cheating onto his wife.

Thus, Ankasamun started to prepare for the battle that would change her life forever.


When the planned day dawned, Ankasamun was brought forth to the Arena, where a lot of aristocrats and commoners alike gathered for the unique fight. She was given a full armor and a sword for the event, however she felt too heavy when she put it on. Before the gates were open, she ripped off half of her armor and walked out in the open, scandalizing half of the crowd with the armor she left onto her. Even the Pharaoh was quite unthrilled about such an appearance with the Prince being rather amused on the other hand at the sight to what he refered as "half-naked servant in armor".

Soon after the Champion marched out into the arena and the crowd went wild, with the few people murmuring and gossiping at the sight of the giant. He approach Ankasamun with an amused smirk on his face, towering over her due to the size of his height and body muscle…

The fight was long and brutal; the Champion seemed as if he was toying with her while Ankasamun tried her best to beat the giant down, however the man easily beat her down to the ground as he suddenly took the fight seriously. Taken aback with such a sudden change of tune, Ankasamun was practically in just a loincloth and a cloth around her chest. As the fight progressed, the Champion was making fun of Ankasamun, touching her when they got too close or mockingly waving his sword in front of her. Not able to take much of his games any longer, Ankasamun flew at the Champion and sparred him rapidly at a speed that she never really knew she possessed.

It was the Champion's turn to be thrown off-guard; with his sword flying out of his hand, Ankasamun did not hesitate a moment to strike the man down. She swung her sword at his chest and successfully pierced the armor, aiming right into a lung. Coughing up blood, the Champion fell onto the ground like a stone and the crowd remained astonished. The Pharaoh shot up onto his feet as well, equally astonished at the outcome of the fight as he could not believe a woman could beat down his most powerful man. The Prince remained calm and seated and was by now highly amused and interested to know the woman better.

With this, Ankasamun was introduced into the Army as a trainee knight.


Ankasamun's training days were long and hard, waking up in morning early and resting late in the evening. Her father was her mentor, teaching her swordsmanship with the burden that a normal man would have to carry. In a matter of two years Ankasamun got from trainee to a proper Knight at the age of 20. Being the first woman as a Knight, it wasn't the first time that she got either discriminated, hit on or teased till no end which were three things that she grew to hate most. She eventually became terribly cold and reserved, letting no one near her as she was already hurt too much.

However Ankasamun started to get summoned by the Prince for errands or for advice, yet as she noticed the Prince was after more than just mere errands she started to avoid him as much as she could. She started to spend more time in her training, ignoring summons and pretend to be too busy for trivial matters. The Prince grew displeased of such actions, yet he didn't do anything against her wishes and left her at her peace.

Yet when Ankasamun was at the age of 23, her father died in battle. Mourning him deeply Ankasamun had no one to grief with as she had no sibling and her mother was dead when she was younger. As she drowned herself in complete training, the Prince noticed the different attitute that she wore around. In concern the Prince tried to approach her in order to comfort her, however the comforting session turned out to be one of the most violent he ever knew. She did not weep her grief off, instead she picked up her swords and threw another one to the Prince, sparring him with all her might in order to vent off the sadness…

To be Continued…


Taking the past back with her she retired back into the Pyramids and was forgotten ever since, even the Desert Knights themselves.

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