Arturia Velona Svestpol
Played by Fenris (sv3stpool on the forums)
Name Arturia Velona Svestpol
Gender Female
Age Even she doesn't remember any more (400+?)
Race Succubus
Birthdate Unknown, she makes it May 1st though
Height 5'6"ish
Weight Light, perhaps 110?
Hair Red with black highlights
Eyes Lightgrey, but wears black contacts
Skin tone Tanned, has visible tanlines
Occupation Unknown, works at Flower Den
Favourite food Fruit Pie
Known skills Handy with stilettos and unarmed combat, extreme magic potential, Master at Witchcraft and proficient in only ice based magic, and is proficient in cooking
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace She doesn't remember


Arturia wears considerably simple clothing, though she makes it work so its very eye pleasing. She wears a tricolor tartan skirt most of the time, held at her waist with a white sash or cloth where the belt is supposed to be. On her top she wears a dark grey colored sleeveless shirt with an unbuttoned white dress shirt over it. She usually fashions a tartan ribbon of random colors. Her skin features a light tan, so she has visible tan lines. She wears shin high boots for mobility and thigh high stockings over it. Arturia, like most succubi, is considerably magnificent to look at.


Arturia is a half tomboy. At her core she likes action and being a part of the bigger picture. She enjoys fighting. However, inside, she is completely insecure due to her need for positive thoughts. Usually, this has caused her to seduce men from villages or towns to replenish the constantly draining power. She is easily angered, but is considerably fun to have around and or talk to.




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  • She can change the color of her clothes at random parts of the day.
  • Believes that cake is inferior to pie
  • Believes that humans are idiots (at times), but useful to around and have moments that make them shine.
  • She's pretty racist. She dislikes Orcs (Urban or not,) werewolves (specifically the more barbaric ones,) Robots (for some odd reason,) and Nagas. It is unknown why she dislikes them, but be wary if you're one of them and you're around her
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