Aurikyo Nekura
Played by Rev
Name Aurikyo Nekura
Gender Female
Age 22
Race Human
Birthdate April 16th
Height 5'4"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Silvery White
Eyes Baby Blue
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Former assassin turned mom.
Favourite food Vodka
Known skills Katar Mastery and Wind Magic.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Prontera


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Aurikyo could come off as very secluded, not usually the one to try and start a conversation. However, when engaged into a conversation, she was pretty nice. Somewhat awkward at times, but that was because she was still not quite used to social situations. She didn't try to get close to people, having trust issues and emotional issues as well. Unfortunately she was very emotional which made that twice as hard.

As an assassin, Auri could be very merciless. She took her job seriously, having committed to a life of killing. However, she had morals as well which tended to conflict often with her job and caused a lot of stress. She would not kill on her own without reason, and would decline jobs at times if she felt the person she had to kill should not be. She had a strong sense of justice, which she seemed to hate at times. She followed it unwillingly.

To those few friends she has, she is pretty laid back and talkative with. Though there are times where Auri will push away from the sudden paranoia of losing them. She has a hard time comprehending friendship which becomes more and more obvious with time. She also believes love to be a curse, though she never openly admits it. Since getting with Davven, she's pushed a lot of things aside and wishes to only be happy with him and their son. Most days it works, but she always seems to be constantly reminded that happiness is fragile.


Aurikyo was born around 21 years ago to a family of powerful mages in Prontera. The Nekura family, or clan as referred to by some, had magic in their veins or so was said. It was originally thought that she would be the strongest of them, but that was quickly put to an end as strange things were happening in Morroc.

As she was still just a babe, the family left her in the hands of their maids and went to check things out. They never returned, labeled as MIA. Strangely enough, the maid was killed as well but little Auri still remained untouched. Authorities could never find out the reason behind these deaths, and put the baby into an orphanage without a second thought. Little did anyone know that Yukiho Nekura, Auri's older brother, still remained alive.

She grew up clueless as to who her parents were or what her last name could have meant for her. In fact, she grew up rather hateful towards people. The orphanage was no way to feel loved, that much was certain, and the fact that the children gained beatings when not behaving or doing what was told… well it put a bad image as to what humans were in her eyes. Aurikyo only had about two other friends during her time in the orphanage, but once she hit 13 she ran away. This was not the life she wanted to lead. There had to be something else out there for her rather than cleaning and living for no one, not even herself.

Alone on the streets without money meant thieving, which at first was a little hard to master… but soon enough things changed. Aurikyo was becoming infamous in Prontera for her thievery, and so she decided to leave three years later to not only not be caught, but hone her skills. She wounded up in the desert unprepared. Of course she was quite uneducated and only thought to bring food for a few days worth.

It was only by pure chance and luck that an Assassin happened to be wandering by to find the little girl on the brink of dying from thirst. He took her under his wing back to the Assassin guild and nourished her to health. This was the first time she really experienced humans showing kindness and wasn't too sure how to handle it. Having noticed that people in Prontera loved money, she offered him quite a bit to which he declined. However, he was quite impressed and took Aurikyo to the guild leader to discuss her possibly being trained to kill for a living instead of thievery.

Passing a series of harsh but necessary tests, Auri began to find herself a family. The world was a lonely place, but the assassins were all family. She made good friends with many and grew in strength quickly. As time passed and she reached the age of 17 she began to realize she was missing out on more though, and resigned from the guild. They understood, as many before had done the same, and wished her the best.

Leaving the deserts, Aurikyo wounded up in Glastheim for a while and enjoyed the serenity there. One day a man wandered into the mostly deserted place and found her sitting by the fountain. They took to each other nicely, playing around and flirting. He took her back to Payon after a while. This would be her first love, but unfortunately not her last. Deciding to travel together, they explored the vast world and grew closer with time. Everything would change for the girl when they were caught cross-fire between two fighting, intoxicated companies. It was a battle of guns, which neither were prepared for. Attempting to run, several bullets hit Aurikyo and she was sent to the ground. Falfura noticed and right before it was too late, covered her body and then told her to run.

She had never cried so many tears in her life.

Winding up back in Payon, she was taken in by Falfura's family and healed back to physical health. Emotionally she was a wreck though, leaving the home as soon as she could. For four years she would travel with no destination. Aurikyo blocked people out of her life, too afraid to get close to people. It wasn't until she wound up in Shyden that everything would change again and her emotions would be pried open for the world to invade.


  • Davven Delmar
    • Opinion: Love. She is absolutely in love with Davven, to the point where she'll ignore all other things around her just to bask in it. When she doesn't have him, she truly feels lost. It's almost pathetic. Lately she has been searching for him, her heart aching to have him know she's alive again.
    • Rating: +100
  • Sorrow
    • Opinion: Conflict. The emotions she feels for Sorrow are endless, and very conflicting. He is her best friend, and she knew he loved her for the longest time. She never right out told him, but she does love him. However, being in love and dedicated to Davven, she knew she had to put a stop to it. She helped Alecto and him get together, so he could find happiness with someone else. She would never admit to anyone the pain she feels daily now.
    • Rating: +99
  • Alecto
    • Opinion: Best friend. One of Auri's only true friends. She just gets along so well with Alecto and they get each other without having to really talk at all. Of course, being girls, all they do is talk. But in desperate times, they are always there for each other. Aurikyo basically considers her a sister.
    • Rating: +85
  • Dante
    • Opinion: Aurikyo always looked to Dante as a sort of rolemodel, however, very recently things have seemed to change greatly in Dante. Auri is still concerned for her friend though, even if Dante doesn't show any emotion to her barely at all.
    • Rating: +70
  • Lukiv Croix
    • Opinion: Father-figure. Lukiv, or "Old Man" as Aurikyo affectionately refers to him as, is another rolemodel in her life. She loves him to death, though rarely shows it. She loves to poke fun at him, and knows usually when to back off before she gets her ass kicked.
    • Rating: +85
  • Caim
    • Opinion: Youth. Aurikyo met Caim not too long ago, and it was a shocker to her at how much he resembled her and Davven's son. However, she didn't mention it and instead took to trying to care for him during the course a battle in which she accidentally harmed him. She thinks he's a very cute and sweet kid.
    • Rating: +60
Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100


  • Found out Sorrow was the mastermind behind Rhydian's actions and helped stop him.
  • Has been brought back to the world of the living by Sorrow's necromancy.
  • Was recently killed by Jack-O after her son was murdered right before her eyes. Her soul still lingers in Niflheim, not able to pass onto the stream of souls yet due to her hatred of Jack-O and sadness.
  • Adopted Ellandier as her daughter. She loves her very much.
  • Had a son, Dylvin, with Davven Delmar
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