Played by Rev
Name Callista Lyhiart
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Birthdate October 19th
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Fiery Red
Eyes Emerald Green (right is lighter)
Skin tone Slightly tanned
Occupation Gunslinger, Social Worker for Shyden
Favourite food Med-Rare Steak
Known skills Ace shooter
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Alberta




Callista is very cool headed and relaxed most days. Definitely defying the personality label for red-heads, she's completely down-to-earth and isn't one to really look for trouble. You can typically find her in the bar just having a drink and smoking, or see her wandering around Shyden. She doesn't seem to have any true purpose, which makes her rather mysterious as well. She can be an enigma on certain days.

Truthfully, she is an extremely compassionate person and hates seeing people hurt. This is why she gave up her life as a professional Gunslinger and now works as a Social Worker and Ambassador of sorts to Shyden. Calli is a very kind-hearted woman, that much is clear.

Despite her kindness, however, Callista definitely holds no pity for killers of innocent people. She seems to have a completely 180 occur when in the presence of someone such as that. When she is in this mood she can become rather short-tempered and dangerous.




  • Lukiv Croix
    • Assigned by the Shyden council to give Lukiv's group, Professional Soldier, a mission to find out the identity of a man whom vandalized and murdered several innocents, Callista has been impressed by him and finds him rather interesting. She is secretly considering joining his group, but won't give a straight yes or no answer yet. She enjoys her little encounters with Lukiv though.


  • Pending
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