Played by Cecona
Name Cecona Domanin
Gender Female
Age 21
Race Human
Birth date August 23rd 8067
Height 5'0"
Weight 113lbs.
Hair Long orange hair tied up in pigtails
Eyes Teal, right eye missing
Skin tone Slightly tanned
Occupation Varies
Favorite food alcohol and meat
Known skills Slight of hand
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Morroc


Cecona has a rather petite build, only five feet tall with a thin frame and a smaller sized bust. But what she lacks on the chest she makes up for in her rounded hip. Due to being in the sun the majority of the time she has gently sun-kissed skin with trails of freckles along her shoulders, chest, and cheeks, all thanks to originally being a ginger. The eye patch over her right eye is a normal black, somewhat worn patch with a pink leather heart sewn onto the front. If the patch were to be lifted the sight would be an unusual one. Her eye socket is wide open, but instead of seeing exposed, scarred flesh there is a little pouch stuffed into the socket and sewn into the skin around the area. The pouch is usually where she holds small items that she easily loses, or a piece of candy; it would depend on what she has on her. Cecona has very vibrant hair, a lot of it, pulled into pigtails in order to keep it out of her way when she is moving around. Usually when spotted, Cecona is seen wearing a ranger uniform, though she does not use a bow as much as she uses a whip for a weapon.


Most of the time Cecona is very lax and easy to get along with, she tends to be more passive aggressive than upset when bothered by others, but very rarely does she hold grudges or let little things bother her, though sometimes this may be a problem when it would appear she is not taking thing as seriously as they are. But Cecona's outside expressions do not always match what she is thinking and feeling within. When a situation is serious enough she will become very stern and right to the point, not messing around like she usually would. But even if she may seem irresponsible she is one person that can be counted on. But do not get me wrong, while she may seem like a good person she usually is not. She does what gets her what she needs, and rarely discriminate when accepting a job. But she will not do a job if there is not a valid enough reason it must be done, or if the person is not honorable enough in her eyes.


Born in Morroc to Villainous parents, Cecona was originally raised to be evil and keep the legacy going. But even though she had little interaction with good people, she didn’t take being evil too well and tended to run away as much as possible. When she was 8 years old her parents grew so furious with her and her reluctance to the family that they cut out her right eye as a lesson. Not long after, she ran away and wandered into the desert. While in the desert she found a very small wolf pup that didn’t seem to have any parents. She took the pup with her and named him Loki, later finding out that Loki was not a normal wolf when he grew to a monstrous size to fend off a bunch of scorpions one night. Over the years Cecona wandered all over rune-midgard, not staying in any town for too long and doing odd jobs to get by. Though there was one exception in Comodo which caused her to stay as a resident for a few months. But once it was over she went back to her nomadic lifestyle.


  • Companions
    • Loki: A brown wolf that can switch between a small pup like form and a large, monstrous wolf form. He has been by Cecona's side ever since she was a small girl and is very loyal to her, so much so he tends to get jealous when men flirt with her. He tends to stay in his small puppy form most of the time, so he is light enough for Cecona to pick him up. but when traveling long distances his larger form makes a great mount as his does not tire from running easily. Loki has similar senses to that of a desert wolf, but some are sharper than others depending on which form he is in.
  • Piaras WolfWood
    • Opinion: A funny and charming knight Cecona became acquaintance with after facing him in a tournament. After meeting him again she tricked a kiss out of him. It wasn’t long before something clicked between the two, but only days later Piaras and his airship disappeared without a trace.
    • Rating: Loved +75
  • Paro
    • Opinion: A young werewolf Cecona took a liking to. She likes to give him meat and scratch his ears much like she does on her own puppy, Loki.
    • Rating: Liked +50
  • Irith
    • Opinion: A very energetic treasure hunter Cecona ran into in Shyden. Sometimes Irith appears to be in fast-forward mode that can leave Cecona with a bewildered look.
    • Rating: Pleased +45
  • Sorrow
    • Opinion: Cecona isn’t sure what to think about this man, all she knows is he doesn’t like weddings and apparently does not have a soul. But at least he likes to drink.
    • Rating: Neutral +10
  • Basile Rónan
    • Opinion: An elf who Cecona frequently sees sitting in Shyden. Cecona feels she sometimes comes off as stuck up or snobbish.
    • Rating: Neutral +24
Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100


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