Célestine Dikau
Played by hulttiems
Name Célestine Dikau
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Elf
Birthdate January 23
Height 5'11"
Weight 133lbs
Hair Ginger Red
Eyes Silver
Skin tone Fair with Freckles
Occupation Part time teacher
Favourite food Ice Cream
Known skills Ice Magic
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Lutie


A very tall, fair skined, slender woman, she wears a half winter coat and thick pants for the weather.


Very book smart, but when it comes to practical things, she can find herself stumbling all over herself. She can also be quite the Klutz at times.


Adopted as a baby in Lutie she lived her life with her parents and step brother Sergej. At the untimely death of her parents she was placed back into an orphanage. As years passed she found herself wandering the streets alone after the orphanage had burned down. She went to Yuno and found a nack for books and became very interested in them and eventually enrolled into the academy with a full scholar ship. She graduated with honors and teaches part time, but has recently taken a break to reflect on her life.


  • Vlad
    • She found him rather attractive, but due to his attitude towards her bothered her, but she eventually came to like him.
  • Sergej
    • Her older step brother, she hasn't heard from him in a long time, and assumes he is dead.


  • She will not hesitate to throw a snowball at you
  • She will not hesitate to call you a jerk.
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