Played by Falkon
Name Chagrin
Gender Appears Male
Age Less than a year
Race Poppet
Birthdate November 12
Height 5' 3"
Weight 27 lbs
Hair Purple
Eyes Black, made of glass
Skin tone White
Occupation Circus Performer
Favourite food None
Known skills Violin and Novice Balance Magic
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Cirque de Maudite


Chagrin has long strands of purple thread for his hair and white cloth for his skin, additionally he wears a completely white outfit on top of it that can be exchanged for other outer garments. Additionlly he has several patches upon his body made of a gray cloth and one on his face around his left eye (compare to how some dogs have a spot around one eye and up to the top of their head and it includes one ear.)


Seems to be somewhat depressed even if he verbally expresses happiness.


Created in the Cirque de Maudite. He took on being a novice of balance magic for simple light effects to go along with music. He learned some jokes and stories from a human member of the circus: Siegfried Forte, though he wants to learn more.




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