Chalice L'evangeline
Played by Atlus
Name Chalice L'evangeline
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown (Though his given birthdate is March 7th)
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Dirty Blond
Eyes Crimson
Skin tone Fair
Occupation None
Favourite food Unknown
Known skills Has 3 years of hand to hand combat training, and 10 years of advanced training with a sword and shield. His power though lies in his ability to stir and invoke the soul of another which was acquired while in Niffelheim after the events of the Sagis attack.
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Heidelberg


A tall and fairly slender build, it is hard to tell so as Chalice is always seen wearing his armor. His armor, being made specifically for him, is a combination of gold plate mail and black chain mail, which allows for him to withstand a great deal of damage. At times he wears a gold plate helmet as well, though lately he is seen with it on only during battle. His soft and smooth skin is fair with only emphasizes his crimson red eyes and dirty blond hair. Though not seen with his armor on, Chalice does have black tattoos on his shoulders and running down his arms, a very odd design not referring to any text or symbol, more so a aesthetic choice made by someone other than himself. A muscular build from his years of being hardened through combat for almost all his life. His eyes though brightly colored, have a harsh and cold look to them, further emphasizing his ferocity and revelaing a slight aspect of himself, the possibility of ruthlessness.

Sword: Chalices blade is a large one handed sword, thick and given a unique design carved into the metals, it is Chalices signature weapon in his fights, having it been made at high cost, it is said the blades metal has traces of diamond along the blades edge to allow for a sharper edge and easier cut, allowing him to slash throuh a lot of hard to cut materials or objects with relative ease.

Shield: His shield follows the same make and design as his sword, a large shield made with only the highest grade materials available in order to enhance durability and performance in a fight. A similar design is found on the shield that is seen on the blade, leading on to assume the same crafter was hired for both items.


Chalice thinks himself a Dragoon, a superior being with ancestry dating back to Freya. Though in reality he is a human, he refuses to believe anyone whom tells him otherwise and in his search for power should anyone get in his way he will not hesitate to cut them down. He seeks the Spirit Cards to eventually complete the Soul Deck and use the power of the cards to become even more powerful, then his conquest will lead him to challenge the gods themselves. He is confident in his abilities to the point that he can easily distinguish within a few moves of a battle who the victor could be. His attitude to others reflects and shows off his thought of himself, treating others as inferiors.


Born unto an uncaring family, they were less than pleased at the child's existence, casting him aside from up high. Throwing him off an airship the boy had miraculously survived and was taken in by nobility who had believed him to be a gift from the Gods to be treated as a blessing.

The child grew up treated like a heavenly being, being referred to as a Dragoon. At a young age he was given training in combat and by the age of 12 he began his training with a sword and shield. The family sparred no expense, having a very well made sword and blade made to suit his tastes. The father, believing the boy would bring him victory in no matter what battle, furthered the boys training until the age of 18. By then the boy had grown to see himself as others had placed him, a superior being. Due to this however, he cared little for the interests of his adopted parents, and in their time of need in battle, left them to die.

For nearly 6 years he traveled the world, challenging other swordsmen and fighters to duels, battles, and bested each one. His record untarnished only increased his mindset further, now publicly claiming himself to be a legendary creature, one superior to all others. The people laughed at his claim, though he didn't care for the opinions of 'lesser beings'.

As life throughout Advent carried on, Chalice was continuing his battles, until it happened. Not only was he stripped of his untarnished battle record, but even more so, his life. What was truly hated about this fact was that this was no ordinary means of defeat, it was not by blade or by bullet his life came to an end, but at the hand of a god. Sagis' attack and destruction of all Advent of course reached Chalice, and in doing so set off a small feeling, something he despised…the feeling of weakness.

With this deep feeling of an unjust end, he vowed whilst in Niffelheim that he would never be struck down again. And more so, that he would return the favor to the gods who had taken some of his pride with him in the destruction of Advent. Through this massive determination Chalice's soul burned bright, awaiting it's re-incarnation so that he might begin his quest. However…within Niffelheim the spirits around him felt odd, almost as if they were becoming most intensified, more physical rather than spiritual…and through this was Chalice's first hint at his true strength…

Once back on Advent, Chalice began his quest, immediately moving on to acquire the power he needed to one day best the Gods themselves, and thus, free and kill Sagis. It was, to the normality of human nature, an impossible task, the Gods be killed? Laughable at best. But to Chalice, the man who thought himself a Dragoon, this was simply another task to be completed…

As he proceeded, the journey took him all across Advent, striking down the monsters and men who stood to try and stop him. The travel had led him to Morroc…and not simply Morroc, but the pyramids themselves. With the threat of Hekate gone, the ruins were empty of former Organization members for the most part, and those who dare to attack Chalice, would feel the metal of his blade pierce them as he would promise. "I tell you now…you are no match for a being of my status, you can back down now, or I shall demonstrate my superiority to you before you pass on to the world after this…"

After nearly a month of traveling through the maze, Chalice had reached what he had been looking for…his travel led him to Amon Ra himself…

Amon Ra, angered by his being disturbed by the human, warned the man to leave. "Should you continue your journey through my ruins I shall strike you down and set your body aflame, so that you are nothing but a pile of dust beneath my feet!" Needless to say, the man was not remotely phased by the warning, drawing his blade and readying his shield. "I will not be bested by those below me…" Chalice stated, only infuriating the ancient Pharaoh further. And with that, a long and bloody battle began…hours upon hours passed and the two fought still, never letting down their guard despite their fatigue. However, a victory was becoming more and more apparent as time progressed, Amon Ra was beginning to seem the victor as Chalice's mortality was binding him down. Though despite the odds against him, he battled on, eventually landing one viscous strike to cut Amon Ra's face. The pharaoh yelled out in his pain, cursing the man and distracted for only a moment. This one moment however, was to Chalice a lifetime of opportunity, he swiftly slashed the pharaoh once more across the chest, causing him to grow weak and vulnerable.

"I told you before…those beneath me will not bring me down! You have been granted too much power, and so I shall be taking it for my own!" Chalices body glowed a bright white, his soul's fire spreading to Amon Ra. As Amon Ra fell in defeat his soul was set aflame by Chalices power, Amon Ra's very spirit and some of his power being sealed within a card. Amon Ra's spirit card was now within Chalices hands and with that, the man left his opponent to choke on the fact that he was defeated, and to relish the feeling of loss that Chalice felt when he was robbed of his life once before…

With his first of many cards in hand, Chalice departs again, searching for another creature of great power, so that he might get one step closer to his goal, and to the vengeance he desires.




Is in the possession of the Amon Ra card, though it isn't known to anyone as of yet.

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