Cid Grenier
Played by Lyrical
Name Cid Grenier
Gender Male
Age Between 20 and 35
Race Roween Shapeshifter
Birthdate Long forgotten
Height 6'2"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Yellow-orange with hyena spots
Eyes Golden yellow
Skin tone Tanned with a feint spotted pattern
Occupation Hunter of the Grinning Mask group
Favorite Food Meat
Known skills Draws very well and can use fire magic
Alignment Lawful Nuetral
Birthplace A villaige in a timeless desert


Cid's athletically built and has feint spots on his skin like a hyena does on it's fur. They can only be seen up close however. He wears baggy
monk pants with frayed edges from his travels and battles. Small, light, scars cover his body. He also wears steel and leather, mid-arm length
gauntlets and carries his Firebrand sword at his side.


Cid tends to be very laid back and quiet even in a fight. Most of the time he actually tries to help the opponent by teaching them while fighting.
He's more of a father figure type of person and is usually quiet in public.


A Brief History: Cid was just an average kid growing up. His family was more middle class than anything else. He met a wondrous man that was
simply passing through town at the time. The man told him fantastic stories of places and things he'd seen. Cid pretended to be the same and
fought imaginary beasts from far off places with his friends. When the traveler had to leave, Cid grew sad and wanted to go with him. He snuck
out of the town gates and followed the man for miles. When they entered the desert he was unprepared for the harsh climate, of course, and
nobody knew where he was to come help him. He passed out from exhaustion in the sand. He awoke to see a roween looking at him almost
sadly. It looked oddly familiar and it's hyena laugh sounded sad as well. It dragged him back to town. Cid awoke several days later in an
alleyway with a note on his chest. It spoke of the wonderous tales of the outside world. The world far beyond the small desert oasis he called
home. Then came Cid's greatest challenge. Controlling the curse that plagued his people. A few weeks after his incident, he began to notice he
had fangs and his hair had faint spots. His right eye was permanently left as a roween's the next morning. His teeth and nails had gotten sharp
and his hair turned orangish. The traveller's words along with the changes gave Cid the inspiration he needed to free himself from the mundane
life. His people never left the town. The days and months seemed to slip by as they pleased and he hated how dull it was there. He used the
curse to his advantage and slipped away from the village to enter the outside world.

A few years, and many places traveled, later Cid returned to his home town. He wore a grinning mask and a flat-brimmed hat pulled down on his
head. He had two katars sheathed on his back and hidden from view by his scarf. He had trained for the years he was gone almost daily. He
passed through the streets like a ghost. Everyone he used to know were drastically different. Feeling out of place he left again and never looked
back. He started killing for payment, and became a wandering assassin for hire, using his ability to become an animal to escape prison a few
times and to get the upper edge on a "client". He still maintains a "code of ethics" if you will that's different from most assassins. He only
accepts jobs he sees as just in some way. He currently resides in Shyden, Veins, and Morroc, still looking for work.

Recently Cid has taken to wearing only a mask to cover his lower face and a crown he stole from an assassinated member of royalty. He now
wears light armor similar to sniper's outfit. His hyena ears are clearly seen over the crown and his tail is generally kept low and sits still.

His animal side is always evident in him as well. He has yellow-gold hyena eyes and his mouth is filled from cheek to cheek with canine-like
teeth. He gives off hyena cackles randomly as if evilly laughing at nothing in particular.

Lately his animal side has been getting the better of him when he's in his human form. He's given in to being more malicious in combat and he
builds up a nice little blood lust.His transformations are becoming more painful and unpredictable as well.

After the mass resurrection and defeat of the demons that plagued the world, Cid fell into dispair. He had lost his wife and child that he'd grown
very close to. He'd never let anyone that close before..and they were taken away. Overcome with sorrow and rage he lost himself to his animal
instincts and ravaged creatures that came between him and his path back home. Once home, he wandered the timeless desert for what seemed
like an eternity. After a few ages he returned to his human form and returned to the village from his childhood. This time he didn't wear his
disguise and was welcomed back with open arms and teary faces. The one he wanted to see the most however, was nowhere to be found. The
traveller from his youth, his father.

Finally, Cid regained himself and his sense of passion to explore and train. He said his goodbyes this time to the village and set off again into the
outside world. Hoping for a new start on life. Hoping…that things will be better this time around.

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