Dawen Denmark
Played by Known in the forums as summerlaff
Name Dawen Denmark
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Birthdate Dec 13
Height 5' 8"
Weight 160
Hair Red
Eyes Red
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Vagabond
Favourite food Anything that tastes good with ketchup
Known skills Marksmanship and Brawling
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Amatsu


Sexy and good looking. Has dark red hair, perfectly shaped body. Has a face that is to die for.


Places honor and love above all. A bit vain. A very brave person, willing to jump in to danger to save those in need. Believes himself to be the sexiest man alive.


At a young age Dawen always cared for how he looks. During his teenage years he would always go after girls. His fascination for guns started when he was 15. Even though he loved guns very much, he also enjoys the excitement of a one on one fist fight.
Dawen became a monk at the age of 18.


  • Talos

Dawen's cousin.


  • Enjoys showing off his body.
  • Enjoys the heat of battle.
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