Der Rabe (Ernst Rabenvogel)
Played by purple0iris / Yuu
Name Ernst Stern Rabenvogel
Alias der Rabe
Gender Male
Age 37
Race Human
Birthdate November 13
Height 183 cm, or approximately 6 '
Weight 67 kg
Hair Dark Greenish Grey
Eyes Dark Silver
Skin tone Pale
Occupation Philosopher, Writer
Favourite food Dessert with Royal Jelly and Honey ingredients.
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Lighthalzen
Resides in Yuno
Known skills Acute social and celestial Observation,
refined linguistics, vastly multi-lingual,
exceptional clerical skills, maestro in string instruments,
master in support/defensive magic


Long thin hair that reaches down above his waist, sharp angeled chin, observant narrowed eyes with glasses donned over them, giving him a sophisticated look. He holds a slim black cane, usually by his right hand and is rarely shifted to his left hand at all, with simple design and a crest of engraved raven on the silver surface of the cane's head. His overall physical build also appears slim with straight noble posture and rather pale complexion, dressed in tidy grey suit, always with gloved hands and a black brimmed hat. Sometimes in certain colder weather, he'll be wearing either a long coat or a mantle. When asked of his age, he claims to approach 40, but his appearance doesn't convince many. His facial feature hardly forms or has any trace of aged wrinkles yet, his skin still pulled tight over his flesh as if a young adult instead. He sits with his back straight up even when there's plenty of space to relax, and his leg crossed over the other elegantly. He keeps a calm smile on his face, though rather than generally friendly-looking, his expression seems calculating to many others' first impression of him perhaps due to his sharp eyes. Usually he locates himself on a spot where not so many people would greet him, notably because of his overall appearance that doesn't stand out in his bleak color.


A quiet man at first sight and seeming as if distant. But when approached, he always has a welcoming smile and observant eyes, and would greet another like a gentleman. He has manners and ettiquette of a noble, except when he introduces himself, he never really gave out a full name and simply introduced himself as Rabe. There may be a sense to that as if he prefers to stay detached from others and avoiding intimacy to the extent of not even sharing his own actual name. His gloved hands also prevents direct contact to others if he ever needs to shake hands out of politeness, or anything else relevant. Rabe is a man of his own philosophy, which he would never reveal whatever it is. He has beliefs towards anything—that anything has a possibility of happening in any possible ways, want it with positive or negative factors. He's never a doubtful person, yet also never takes anything personally or develop faith and trust to individuals.

Rabe doesn't like participating or getting involved in conflicts or violence. Despite this, he doesn't claim himself as a pacifist, since the fact is it doesn't mean he dislikes it happening. He would state that he's not against or for it to happen, he would only stick to observing the reactions and behaviors of the people involved. When violence does come his way, he would only put up a small defense magic to secure himself before leaving the scene, not concerning if he'd be labeled a coward or not. If it would cause any self-risk by staying around to watch such a scene, he would withdraw from the area without further contemplation. It's only in his best interest of not getting involved personally, as he favors sticking with the role of a spectator. He would converse normally if one addresses to him directly, however, when another party joins the conversation, he tends to withdraw to his audience seat.

Rabe never stopped observing behaviors at anytime, even his own. Before he acts, he plans his own actions and words in every step ahead only in a very short given time, and he knows by doing so, he wouldn't be doing anything sincerely. Although he really doesn't do it to commit anything out of line at all, others may come down to labeling him an untrusty fellow due to his habits. Overall, Rabe is generally very reserved and suave. His knowledge is very wide-ranged, and despite claiming he's doesn't excell in areas such as science or modern technology, he surprisingly knows a lot about them systematically. However, he doesn't reveal this or much about himself too often at all. He also seems to think that true bond of souls are not something that always relied on words, physical contacts, or constant attention of another… though he decides to keep this opinion very personal to himself, and isn't thinking to share it with anyone so easily.


Rabe is a writer of philosophy books and journal articles for almost ten years. Initially from a wealthy and prosperous family, Rabe was born as the youngest of his siblings in Lighthalzen. Most of his family members being successful merchants and favored architects, he's the only one who walks the path of higher academics. He moved from Lighthalzen and studied in Yuno academy, learning anything he liked, then taught there as a professor in language subjects after graduation. He definitely has quite a talent in languages, and is vastly multi-lingual. He's able to speak in many languages fluently, including Zeiheim and Glatto by default, Gallieu, Slovya, and a couple of ancient languages and racial native tongues; excluding Khuzbli, Unut, Sokar and Karmish. However, he's very limited when it comes to Eastern languages, namely Nanjian and Zatsu.. which are regrettably the two languages of his heavy interest. He could go as much as reading and writing them, but no further skill in them. Although he's fluent in many tongues, his Zeiheim accent can sometimes be apparent when he speaks in Avantese.

He resigned from his position as well as from the academy at the age of 27. There seem to be hardly a full reason behind his resignation, although some commented that he was in self-conflict upon decisions in his last few years of teaching. Not long after his resignation, he privately mentored a sickly young child of another wealthy family named Lycoris Caldwellii while starting his new career.

Although he claims to be unsuccessful with incomes, since philosophy books aren't exactly things people would pick up everyday in the shop, although he seem to have plenty enough with the side articles and journals he produces so to not leave him penyless at all. Aside from necessary house billings and room rentals, he hardly spends his money for anything else aside from modest luxury… which he doesn't need to fuss too much about.

Unexpectedly for many, Rabe also had a relationship during the years of his teaching in the academy. Though after the end of that one relationship, he doesn't seem to have the interest in it for himself ever since. It may have been around that time when Rabe started thinking he may be a man who will remain dedicated most to his interest rather than in relationships. Due to his observant habit, he does think his soul partner would have uncomfortable moments of being constantly observed and analyzed in behavior and changes, as if they would be an experimental subject. Perhaps such thought had brought the decision of not becoming attached to others, feeling that it's the best way so he won't need to betray others. It may be possible that rather than having no interest, he's being quite wary about himself instead. Also, it can be assumed that Rabe was not completely ignorant about losing his past relationship as he seem to keep his pocket watch dearly, which was the one and only gift from his former love.

Over the years of his career as a writer, Rabe had developed minor symptoms of night blindness. Constant sleepless nights and lack of necessary nutrient consumptions during working periods may be the possible factors of this. He actually brings his cane about to support himself whenever the blindness may occur. He also keeps his pocket watch handy to keep track of time, since his blindness would be absolute by the dead of night until at least 3 o' clock in the morning.

As for further in-depth events of his life, he doesn't seem to have shared much about it with others, hence remained unheard thus far.


  • Lycoris Caldwellii - Rabe mentored this lady since her childhood in almost every educative and artistic subject. Rabe is well aware he's the only parental figure for her ever since she lost the rest of her family members. He presented Lycoris an antique pocket watch, telling her it won't only help her keep her schedules in order, but to also remind her she has her own time to live the way she wishes.
  • Hildegrun Torvent - An acquaintance of his from the Yuno Academy. At available times, they meet up for a cup of tea. Hildegrun is not a boastful girl, but still one with high self-esteem.They often discuss a number of factors about her research subjects to exchange opinions.
  • Fenris Valkyria - Met the lady in Shyden, and from then on they converse as often as they meet. He enjoys conversing with her, or even listening to her when she 'rambles'. He's quite intrigued when Fenris claimed she's not a romanticist.


  • Both his cane and pocket watch has silver face/surface with the carving of a raven, as if the two are in uniform.
  • Drinks alcohol on modest dosage, and on very rare occassion. Most likely to keep his health, or perhaps just due to his taste. He does prefer tea or coffee much more over alcoholic beverages.
  • Likes astronomy as his favorite hobby, although never once made it as a subject of his writing.
  • Likes small spaces when he works on books or articles. He always does his work in a room of Yuno inn, which he rented at all times, usually very cramped with books just as he likes it.
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