Drake Lowwen
Played by hulttiems
Name Drake Lowwen
Gender Male
Age 37
Race Human
Birthdate May 4
Height 6'2"
Weight 216
Hair Grey
Eyes Yellow
Skin tone Tanned
Occupation Wandering Monk, Guard
Favourite food One that is Alcoholic
Known skills Mastered Monk Techniques
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Prontera


Very Shaggy unkempt grey hair. Hair on his chin with a dark 5 o'clock shadow. Tribal chest Tattoo, and covered in scar. Very muscular.


Reality check incarnate. He tells it how it is, and often finds people who don't use their brains and ignorant to listen to what he has to say very annoying.


Drake was an acolyte at the age of 10 and served in the church. His spiritual potential was seen advanced and was eager to train at the age of 11. When he was 18 he went out on his own to train in nature. He would travel around the world to go to the most intense conditions and train his physical endurance.

The reason behind his heavy drinking was from a tragic accident when in Payon. A wolf cub had gotten into his food, and shooed him off but the mother and the rest of the pack were close, and rushed to help the cub. Drake was ambushed and suffered severe wounds. He managed to make his way back to payon when he was nursed to health by a local girl.

He shows his scars as a way of showing his mistakes, and that he isn't afraid to admit it.

Drake still serves in the Abbey, however he does it whenever he feels like it.


  • Fenrisaia
    • His wife, that he had 5 children with. He got off to a rough start with her finding that she was a werewolf. Over time he found to come to terms with it, however still flinches whenever she pounces on him as a reflex.
  • Kirada
    • Being the daughter of his friend within the Abbey, he feels a sense of duty to help her through life weather it be personal problems or training.
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