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Played by Behemoth(umitora)
Name Dyson
Gender Male
Age Mid twenties or so.
Race Human(Avatar of Lightning)
Birthdate N/A
Height 5foot 8 Inches
Weight N/A
Hair White. Long and messy.
Eyes Dark Blue
Skin tone Average, Tanish
Occupation Abby Master of St.Capitolina
Favourite food N/A
Known skills Martial Arts.
Alignment True Neutral/Neutral Good(varies)
Birthplace Unknown


Body:Muscular but lean, Also has many scars across his arms and chest.
(new: now has a Tattoo of a fist holding lightning on his chest now, and is clearly viable to everyone)

Face:His eyes are Dark Blue, With slight bags under them to show of a bit of age and maybe tiredness yet they're, awake ,open, focused, concerning, and happy. Usually has a light smirk on his face or just a distant gaze as if he's always thinking about something.

His eye brows add a charm to add to his eyes seriousness or lightness if it can be seen through this hair. May be white or black can't decide yet.

Jaw: He has a broad jaw line which gives him a hearty look. With a somewhat sparse facial hair long this jaw line.

Hair: White full hair. Messy but brushed out if not windblown.


He usually wears a smile and has a calm demeanor. He tries to be nice and inviting to most people. He seems to be lost in his own mind thinking or enjoying the scenery if he is not caught in some conversation.
He also likes to help in anyway way he can.


Not much is known about him except that he's been wandering, seeking a purpose and one day had a vision of the monastery in Prontera. Accompanied by Fakir, who's been his guide in the lands, he traveled across the lands in search of this place.


  • Friends:
    • Many he considers friends
  • Foes:
    • Few for now.


  • Theme Song Mortal Kombat Theme Song
  • Recently, he arrived at Moscovia and was aided by a merchant, Maida, who was native of the area Prontera. Thanks to the aid of, Maida, he reached Prontera and with further aid of his (hates to admit it) friend, Fakir, he reached the Monastery where he has learned the ways of the Monk. As he practices and wanders the land, he searches for a deeper meaning for what fate has in store for him as he walks this path.
  • The White Lady Bacsojin, a Lightning Elemental, has bestowed her power unto Dyson.
  • Dyson tends the St.Capitolina School, talking to his teachers, students and seeking council with past retired teachers. He often goes off to meditate or train his body.
  • He now visits Shyden and getting back in the mix of things after dealing with many inner demons, and coming out with a better mindset.
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