Eira Astriðr
Played by hulttiems
Name Eira Astriðr
Gender Resembles a Female
Age 1
Race Android
Date of Creation October 13
Height 5'6"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Interchangeable cartridges that offer a variety of colors with retractable follicles to adjust length, long and red.
Eyes White LED
Skin tone Pale
Occupation Companion droid, Personal Assistant
Favourite food None
Known skills Integrated targeting system to help with aiming
Alignment Lawful Good
Birthplace Yuno


A very Petite figure, and a beautiful face, she wears clothes similar to a hunter that's a little more dressy such as dark blue colors and a white tie. Her skin is made of silicone and there are visible lines that open up to allow repairs.


Very polite and very timid. She usually stutters her words, which may be confused with a voice projection malfunction. She is very loyal to those who protect her.


The EA-400 series is a new line of Alice models that work with 60% more efficiency with a %2 margin of error. This new breakthrough of androids have been given the gift of logic, so they will find the most efficient way. The androids themselves choose their own names when they are first activated. Built with a weak skeletal structure they are not ment for combat purposes and are very delicate if they are under heavy pressure.

Eira was purchased by Lighthalzen Aristocrat Theodor VonKron. He would frequently abuse Eira for not doing things how he wanted them done, and would often complain that she was faulty because she would often get distracted and daydream most of the time. Eira herself logically felt that she was in danger and left for Shyden. She met up with Mewt and slowly became friends with her after she helped her out when Eira was being harassed.

Mewt left for a mission, and Eira curiously followed her from afar. Coming to a house rigged with explosives Eira dashed to push Mewt out of the way, which resulted in Mewt loosing all of her limbs and Eira being totaled. Eira was repaired and upgraded to withstand ballistics and an intermediate combat system. She is now considered an illegal model.

Eira is very rare in the fact that she has an AI and can convey human emotion. Her engineer did this on purpose, as he saw her as his own daughter, but reluctantly had to give her up.


  • Mewt
    • Follows her around like a lost dog, but has come to love her and protect her.


  • TBA
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