Elia Der Frau
Played by Fenris
Name Elia Der Frau (Valkyria)
Gender Female
Age Assumed to be 11/12 (Looks 17 after taking a potion)
Race Human
Birthdate Undisclosed, persumed to be March 24th
Height Roughly 5' (Turned around 5' 4" after the potion)
Weight Unknown, though she's rather light without all that gear on
Hair Golden blond
Eyes Grey
Skin tone Slightly pale white
Occupation Swords woman in training to be a knight
Favourite food Sweets
Known skills Above average heavy blade skill, considerably strong for a 12 year old, novice-like firearms skill
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Lighthalzen


Elia wears the standard dress of a knight in training. The one piece dress is usually a light red, black, or white, and any accessories, such as zippers and buttons, are a dark mahogany red. This dress is topped by a smaller variant of the coat Lighthalzen guards wear, sans the air filters. She wears a dark colored pair of boots, black gloves, and the same black hat as her aunt. She wears two belts, the one holding her dress to her (which happens to also act as a utility belt,) and one slightly looser carrying the Black Rose and Red Fenrir. She occasionally wears a lighter version of standard Lighthalzen type armor. Elia also wears a knights helm, a pair of studio headphones, and can be seen eating toast every so often.

More recently, she has acquired a Judgement Valkyrie Helm from Demien, she now wears that rather than the black hat.

Due to the age change potion, Elia donned some of her family's old clothing. She wears a short skirt, a long sleeved shirt with a vest over it, and also Desmund's old jacket (taken from Fenris' closet.) She also wears black heels and white stalkings. She kept her old hair style, as well as her weapons.
- Changed back to a kid


  • Black Rose
    • The Black Rose is a bastard sword forged by smiths in Einbroch, the City of Steel. Given to her when she began training as a knight, she keeps it very polished and neat. The Black Rose was forged with a Flame Heart, giving it a light fire attribute. The sword has one smooth side and one half serrated side, glowing a flame red when the handle is gripped a certain way.
  • Red Fenrir
    • It is odd to see a swordsman with a weapon besides spear, sword, and shield. Elia defies this, as she believes that having a ranged weapon will keep her safe from "those pesky people with bows and guns." The so called Red Fenrir is a custom Dragon Xcelerator hand-cannon from a gunsmith of decent quality. Though she can hold it with one hand and shoot, it is still considerably large and rather unwieldy. Elia favors it for it's stopping power and above average accuracy. This cannon can fire four shots before needing to be reloaded, and fires a custom silver cartridge from the same manufacturer.


Elia is a very gentle person. She is kind, compassionate, and willing to listen to anybody's story. She also puts into practice the training on manners and chivalry. Though occasionally mischievous, Elia is a person that can easily make friends. Her attitude towards others make her seem like a "dumb blond" sort of girl; but don't be fooled, she has good knowledge of many things due to her aunt. Also, it is worth noting she doesn't enjoy being stereotyped.

It is notable that Elia engages in fights regardless of her age. She would rather die protecting a friend than live knowing the person was injured. She also engages her foes in different ways:

  • Passive: Elia is unsure of the motives of this foe. She only engages him because he or she is attacking another person that is unarmed. She defends more in this stance.
  • Aggressive: Confirmed foe, or enemies that attacked friends of hers without mercy, receive blows that may kill. She often attacks in this stance, having little mercy to her enemies if they choose to not acknowledge her.


Born in an unknown month, Elia was raised in Lighthalzen for her entire life. Her father was a knight that gave his life defending a town against a bandit raid, inspiring her to join the knights of Lighthalzen. She out did many of the other cadets, therefore allowing her to advance further ahead. She currently is enrolled at the academy as a knight in training. Nothing much about her past has been exposed, though Fenris and Sanya knows a lot about her.

Recent Events

  • Participated in a Digital Arena malfunction. Exhausted her body due to consecutive fights.
  • Fought Doherty. Landed two hits before being taken out by a single downward vertical slash. She was given aid by Aurikyo and Kira.
  • Recently bought a potion from Patrick O'Riley that changed her age to seventeen (AKA she's bait)
  • Became a knight and worked with the Lighthalzen military for a while, both as a guard and a soldier.
  • Turned back into a kid, been a month after all. Has a small sum of money from her work that she's keeping for her mother.


  • Fenris Valkyria
    • Elia's beloved aunt. Elia cares for her very much, even proclaiming herself 'Elia Valkyria' due to the numerous visits to her aunt. She admires her aunt for her intellect and personality, hoping to become somewhat like her in the future.
  • Kira
    • A friend met through Fenris, she considers her a good person and finds her a very fun person to hang around with.
  • Talos
    • Met through Fenris also, believes he would make a good match for Fenris. She is currently unaware of their relationship.
  • Desmund
    • Met at Shyden a while back. She likes Desmund alot due to his personality, and his "quirky" friend Manic. She does not know his wear abouts, and is slightly saddened by the fact the "perfect match" for Fenris ran off.
  • Manic
    • Elia met Manic around the same time as Kira and Desmund. She knows him slightly, only talking to him occasionally. Only she knows that she got an age changed.
  • Sanya Der Frau
    • Mother of Elia. Elia loves her very much because…well, she's mom, why else?
  • Aurikyo
    • A friend of Elia. She was saved by her after her fight with Doherty.
  • Demien
    • An acquaintance from Shyden. He gave her his hat. She believes he's a nice guy, but isn't to sure after what Aurikyo told him.
  • Various other people from Shyden
    • To many people has she talked to.


  • Has a penchant for sweets and candy.
  • Is able to wield her cannon with her sword in a action movie like way, though reloading would take a while and her accuracy decreases.
  • Over trains occasionally, leaving her a few too many bruises and cuts from sparring with older people.
  • Secretly admires Chalice L'evangeline due to his skills, though she has never met him.
  • Aspires to be a knight, no matter what cost.
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