Elle Meadows
Played by Sage
Name Elletty Callie Meadows
Alias Elle
Gender Female
Age 34
Race Human...?
Birthdate June 21st
Height 5'11"
Weight 161 lbs.
Hair Light rusty-brown
Eyes Pale green
Skin tone Fair, freckled
Occupation Biologist …& hippie?
Favourite food Asparagus
Origin Einbroch…?
Current residence Moscovia


Elle has aged fairly well for someone of 34. Perhaps it can be attributed in part to her childlike nature, but she has also ensured that she eats nothing but organic vegetarian foods for the past 15 years. Though, she doesn't get much exercise in, and is thus a bit curvy. Her hair is riddled with wispy curls and falls to her hips and is kept in a loose ponytail. She wears round spectacles over her jade-coloured eyes, and has many tiny freckles dotting her face. Elle's attire is almost always several years old. When out doing field work, she wears torn, worn shorts and a random old loose-fitting shirt; however, if she hasn't been doing much that day, she prefers to wear long, Bohemian-styled skirts with a tank top. Elle is almost never seen without her little Picky named Pelly.


Elle is a very upbeat and peppy person. She is very social, and gives every new person she meets a chance at being friends; she also has a bit of trust for everyone unless they prove they don't deserve it. Elle is an advocate of equality for all people, non-violence and peace, and the preservation of nature. She tends to retain an easy-going attitude—that is, until she sees something wrong being done to someone or something. She is a pacifist and prefers to use non-violent techniques to set the wrong from right… however, on extremely rare occasions where her patience is broken, she may resort to getting physical; this would be very unlikely, though. When she isn't tending to Pecos and Pickies, her favourite animals, she'll usually be laughing and joking around with people.

She has a sincere heart and a genuine willingness to help those in need, but in doing so, things like eating and sleeping will slip her mind. She will often want to dedicate all of her time to some good cause; though, leaving no time left for herself. The people who work alongside her often remark on how Elle will take on too many tasks at once— she can multi-task well, but only so much before she becomes overwhelmed and resort to moodiness.






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