Elsrea Lucia Vintersorg
Played by hulttiems
Name Elsrea Lucia Vintersorg
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate December 11
Height 5'3"
Weight 112
Hair Naturally Black
Eyes Green
Skin tone Fair
Occupation n/a
Favourite food Sweet Fruit
Known skills Soul Linking skills with a very intermediate monk fighting style
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Payon


Long black hair, tied in the back, green eyes, and a fair complexion. A slightly visible scar across her face from an attack from Ripper Gore, and a very grotesque scar on her stomach from being shanked by Jack-O. Usually wears comfortable robes, or basic casual wear.


Elsrea has been brought up to use her manners all the time. It usually surprises people that she uses them so well. She's very bubbly, and a little dense at times. Over the years with hanging out with her usual crew have sort of desensitized her into a more rough woman. She curses and gets angry fairly easily.


Born in Payon, she hung around graveyards as a child, talking to spirits. She eventually ran off from home at the age of 15 and started to live her own life, starting off as a likable person and slowly starting to get on everyone's bad side with her poor choices.


  • Kirada
    • Her soul sister, she looks up to her for any of the problems she has.
  • Fenris
    • An acquaintance met through Kira. She usually seeks for wisdom answers from her.
  • Talos
    • Ex-Husband. She cheated on him, and tried to play it off as his fault for not really being there for her when she really needed him.
  • Azagthoth
    • Concerned lover, he will fight to bring her back into his arms.
  • Jack-O
    • She adored him for the fact that he was there for her in her time of need, and followed him around like a lost puppy. Now that she has been tossed aside by him she feels the immortal hate that she needs to kill him with her own two hands.
  • Revlypse
    • She met Rev through her association with the Veterans of Disorder, and looked to her as her new sisterly figure, she still does in the sense that she saved her life when Jack-O stabbed her. She works undercover with her to bring Jack-O down and any threat that comes in between their ideals.
  • Rhydian
    • Another association through The Veterans of Disorder, she looks to him as a brotherly figure.
  • Ripper Gore
    • Finds him very loathsome and repulsive, for the soul fact that he attacked her and Kirada, leaving an everlasting scar to remember her little truffle with him.
  • Silven
    • All she really did was teach him how to use the swings.
  • Lukiv Croix
    • Bought her for the night when she was working as an escort to give her at least some time away to have a somewhat normal night.
  • Aurikyo
    • Acquaintances, usually no more than a hi, but recently has been having some hostility towards Elsrea with her involvement within The Veterans of Disorder.
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