Erszabet Cerenerian


Ersza, drawn by Sage
Played by Sage
Name Erszabet Cerenerian
Alias Ersza
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Human
Birthdate July 14th
Height 5'3'' (160 cm)
Weight 147 lbs (67 kg)
Hair Sandy blonde
Eyes Pale violet
Skin tone Creamy-pale, rosy
Occupation Kafra
Favourite food Bacon
Origin Prontera
Current residence Shyden


Ersza is just about average in height and weight; there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary about her measurements. She has long, sandy blonde hair that accentuates her porcelain-coloured skin. Her eyes are strange, with their very light, pale hue of violet; they seem to harbour a certain dullness to them, and her pupils are almost always dilated to the size of dinner plates. She dresses in the Kafra uniform, with her outfit being in yellow, white and pink. Ersza's apron pockets are usually stuffed with much more than just the necessary tools to operate as a Kafra.


Ersza is not an easy person to read, but she's "nice" enough, overall; meaning, she isn't rude, shy, nor abrasive, but she's certainly too weird to be deemed pleasant for most of the time. She is almost never completely sober, despite how she may seem more engaging at some times than others. Ersza is quite open about her use of mind-altering substances, though not around authorities, widely public places, or people she deems as "squares." Underneath the spastic attitude and mood shifts that appear to be Ersza's common behaviour is a quiet and contemplative young woman who finds it difficult to empathize with others.




  • Crow
    • Introduced Crow to the world of smoked yggdrasil leaves, saw a magic unicorn together, enjoyed bacon and cake, and overall tripped balls. Good times.


  • Drugs. That is all.
  • Experienced at keeping her shit together.
  • Will try almost anything once, in terms of drugs. Now, if she's already high, she might also try any action once too.
  • Carries sunglasses with her at all times.
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