Evelyn Penrose


Evelyn, drawn by Sage. PRETEND THE FOX EARS AREN'T THERE (I need to draw an updated image).
Played by Sage
Full Name Dr. Evelyn Veronica Penrose, PhD.
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Human
Birthdate November 16th
Height 5' (152 cm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Hair Copper-blonde
Eyes Dark orange
Skin tone Rosy-pale
Occupation Professor of theoretical physics
Favourite food Cheeseburgers
Origin Hugel
Current residence Veins




The first thing anyone notices about Evelyn, even before she speaks, is that she is highly intelligent, strictly logical, and certainly not humble about it. She prides herself in her high IQ and is always be willing to give her input whether it is wanted or not. She is fairly oblivious when it comes to social interactions, failing to understand and react appropriately to humour, sarcasm, or awkward moments that are "normal" to others. She is also extremely stubborn when she does not get her way, more often when it involves someone or something disrupting her routines.

However, despite these attributes, Evelyn is not truly a mean-spirited person; merely logical, cynical, and completely neutral—she had been known to show selfless kindness at random increments. She is also extremely competitive when it comes to challenging her intellect. With her seemingly egotistical and stubborn attitude, it can be difficult to imagine Evelyn has feelings at all; but indeed, she certainly does; though highly repressed. She has a soft spot for science-fiction stories, for one, and she does have times where she craves the company of others. Keeping them around is the difficult part, as usually no one wants to listen to her. However, too many people around her at once tends to trigger a panic-attack; just one of Evelyn's many strange idiosyncrasies.




  • Maxwell Thermidor
    • Evelyn's reluctant husband she now lives with thanks to her arranged marriage. She possibly dislikes him even more than he does her, but who would know? They can't ever agree on anything.


  • Pending.~
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