Falkon Vind
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Falkon Vind
Gender Male
Age Around 3000
Race Vampire
Birthdate November 21
Height Approximately 6' 0"
Weight Unknown
Hair Gray
Eyes Red
Skin tone Deathly Pale
Occupation Necromancer
Favourite food Human Blood
Known skills Elemental Magic, Necromancy
Alignment Unknown
Birthplace Village outside of Geffen


Dressed from neck down in robes of black. A thin pale creature who always seems to have a slightly crazed and paranoid look in his eye. Smells of earth, dust, and blood, some might even say "dampness".

Can occassionally be seen in different clothing.


A dark sense of humor, but a love for attention of any sort so long as it doesn't put him at risk. Despises sunlight and holy magics.


As most accounts go Falkon is considered Ancient, a vampire preceding most. Falkon was born long ago, in a village near Geffen that has long since been forgotten. Falkon grew up in a loving family and married a young woman he was deeply in love with and had two children with her. A son then a daughter. Around the time his daughter was born, Falkon's father retired from his position and Falkon was chosen to take over in his father's place working for the Duke Dracul — Falkon had been trained in his youth to work as a sort of clerk. Falkon worked for the Duke loyally despite his general actions.

It was not long before Falkon had noticed the Duke 'catering' a strangely dressed guest into his home. Falkon watched the guest remain for a time… soon Dracula was seen attacking his servants and Falkon feared for his life, trying to avoid attention Falkon gathered up his cloak — Falkon did not remember what happened next but when he awoke he felt a hunger which seemed to cause him physical pain, though believing escaping to still be more important he began to run away to home and his family. It was dark and by the time he got home it was nearly dawn. He entered his home, the children were not present, however his wife saw him at the door, relieved to see him— what she believed to be alive — though the sun began to rise and she showed fear in her face from his appearance, Falkon had lost control and attacked her. Almost instinctively he drained her of nearly every drop of blood. She was dead. Falkon entered a rage that ended with his home going up in an inferno and Falkon running off.


  • Dracula (Sire)
    • Opinion: The one who turned him into a Vampire, essentially making him who he is today. While not necessarily happy with it, he has a certain level of respect for him.
    • Rating: Pleased (+30)
  • Alisha Tufur
    • Opinion: A woman who is practically Falkon's employer. Though he doesn't necessarily approve of some of her actions, he has respect for her power and for the fact she is one of the few he knows about his age.
    • Rating: Liked (+60)
  • Dyson
    • Opinion: Fellow avatar and a member of the Triantheistic Church of Prontera. He likes the fact that even though he is a member if the church he is not overly serious about it. One of the few church followers Falkon actually trusts.
    • Rating: Liked (+50)
  • Patricia
    • Opinion: Falkon appears to think highly of Patricia. She is his most recent Childe and he believes that she has much potential. He just wishes that she would come completely to terms with being turned to a vampire as she usually seems a little depressed to him.
    • Rating: Liked (+74)
Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
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