Fenris Valkyria

"I'm nothing, and I will be nothing any more."

Played by Fenris
Name Fenris Luna Valkyria
Gender Female
Age 22
Race Human
Birthdate December 21st
Height 5'6 1/2
Weight 135
Hair Neat long white hair, but really is platinum blonde
Eyes Permanently Crimson
Skin tone Almost deathly pale
Occupation Unknown, but officially still working with Pro.Sol.
Favourite food Anything spicy, but more specifically Curry; Lighthalzen Glaskanone, an alcoholic beverage
Known skills Proficient medical skills, Novice in all forms of elemental magic (Note: specializes in Lightning and Fire), decent cooking, knows simple kicks and knife tricks.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Lutie, but raised in Lighthalzen
Languages Fluent Ziehiem, Avantese, and some Slovya and Giatto
Items of Interest Arcana, the magic encyclopedia. Moonlit Stiletto, a special stiletto
Current Home A little house in Lutie, a house/manor in Lighthalzen


Fenris is average in body size and weight compared to other women. She isn't exactly too much eye candy, however she is proud of her pale skin and eye color. She has long neat hair that is usually brushed or combed so it remains straight; though she does use a ribbon to tie it together at times. She ALWAYS is seen with a black noble like hat on. For some strange reason, she's become more pale and is very prone to sunburn; hence her dislike of the day time.

Fenris wears white, red, or burgundy professor's robes, with the classic white dress shirt (with rolled up sleeves) underneath the top. She often wears white or black silk stockings, black heeled boots, black leather gloves, and has a much too long red (sometimes white) scarf on. She usually keeps a stiletto for self defense in her boot and carries a rather large yellowing book at her side. She also carries a book bag (enchanted to be neigh bottomless) slung on her shoulder carrying miscellaneous things; for example, morphine, tourniquets, and cake. More recently, she has adopted a variety of white dresses and stockings. She has also picked up a few new accessories, such as a red ribbon. Inside her robes she carries at least two flasks of strong alcohol and a flask of cool water. It's notably odd that she doesn't weigh more than normal, even when carrying all this stuff.

It is to note that Fenris also has tattoos on her right arm. The right one has a large assortment of magic runes and also features a large wolf head as well. There are also a few runes near her elbow that spell "Fenrir." The runes, according to her, make her magic stronger; but this has yet to be confirmed nor refuted. Both are intricately done by a master and use blood red ink, making it awesome, yet unnerving, to look at.

  • Arcana
    • Arcana is an artifact which Fenris found in the molding shelves of Yuno's library. Rather interested by the fact it had little to no information on its binds or covers, she "borrowed" it from the library. After months what she dubbed 'close examination,' she discovered that Arcana was a sort of "magic encyclopedia," a book that could act as a storage place for events, people, or things from the holder's history and experiences. Most likely enchanted by a witch who was extraordinarily forgetful and found it necessary to record everything important. She recently had to pay to repair the binding, a few pages, and some other minor damages from extensive use. (Note: This can slightly amplify magical abilities)
  • A set of stilettos
    • Just a random set of stilettos Fenris bought recently. She uses them as throwing knives and for personal defense. She usually "blesses' her knives with an element using her magic.
  • Krueger X-110 Auf. G
    • An RPG (rocket propelled grenade) launcher that was modified by Welkin to fire rockets with compressed spells in it. This is the third model in the series, utilizing a more lighter reinforced metal so that it does not weigh Fenris down to much as well as having four smaller tubes rather then one large one. As battle magic is, according to Fenris, best used like an artillery battery, the smaller missiles carry a further compressed spell that expand on impact. This model was designed after the "Fliegerfaust" or pilot's fist, a piece of rocket weaponry occasionally used on airships that fires barrages of missiles in a compact form. It is noted that after each barrage she has to spend some time (a turn) to reload the long, and rather cumbersome, weapon; that is, if she chooses to fire a full barrage. The Auf. G stands for pattern G, a complete and somewhat tested model.


Ever since the transition to the "new Advent" Fenris has gotten a LOT more pessimistic. She still enjoys drinking and talking to people, but her conversations always lead to something more depressing than expected. She is a self preserving creature and is likely to attack anyone not very close to her in order to get to her goal. She treats people depending on how they approach her, responding to rudeness with equal measure.


Fenris Luna Valkyria was an abandoned child. Her birthday is supposedly December 21st and her parents are unknown. At the age of two, she was adopted by a wealthy couple. The father, Walther Valkyria, was a famous haberdasher (Hat maker/seller) that created popular caps for wealthy women. The mother, Sanya von Luna inherited a large shipping business utilizing Airships.
However, Fenris was unhappy with her parents. Although they showed love and care for her, they were never home. They were also stuck in old culture and frequently admonished her when she did something against it (IE: Wear pants.) At age seventeen she entered the Yunoan Sage academy and gained a very formal education to become a doctor. At age nineteen, she graduated and was accepted into the Rekenberker Corporation to work as a researcher, and later a Biolab scientist.
Her time here at the facility was educating. She worked in the bio-laboratory day in and day out to finish her research on cloning. However, she ultimately gave up due to the impossibility of creating a set of perfectly alike people.
A year later, at age twenty, she resigned her positions as researcher, lecturer, and biolab scientist. This was due to her parents deciding to arrange a marriage with a big shot young politician. The man was assassinated on his way to speak to the people of Einbroch and the parents assumed Fenris was involved in it due to her disgust for this young man.
Her parents gave her two decisions, to either face the judge and receive prison and the death penalty, or accept another man. Obviously, she chose the later and was married to Leon Fireheart, the head of Public Relations. However, this marriage was also unhappy. In the end he divorced her to marry one of his sex buddies. It is also at this time that Fenris began drinking heavily in a sad attempt to forget everything.
Leaving everything behind, except a nice sum of money she had withdrew from her parents account when she ditched, she moved to places unknown, possibly Shyden or Lutie. Her legendary work as one of the top researchers and a professional doctor in town created a legacy and the hallway and office where she worked was dedicated to her.
Fenris reportedly started a new life in Shyden, taking a break from the difficulties that were her life. There she met a variety of colorful people, particularly Desmund and Kirada, and developed serious relationships. As a matter of fact, Fenris was infatuated with Desmund and they shared their passion for a while. He then left suddenly, seemingly abandoning Fenris. She signed on with an exploration team formed in Yuno, and eventually traveled to the "dimensional gorge."
Nothing much was said by Fenris about the dimensional gorge when she returned. She simply claimed, "I survived," to anyone curious enough to ask. Unknown to others, Fenris suffered from sever mental damage as well as supposedly being cursed. Fenris suffers from chronic headaches as well the occasional "blank." She also began to suffer from severe mood swings and occasional lapses in memory. She returned to Shyden and has only recently caught up with others. Fenris also recently received a job as a professor at Yuno as well as at Lighthalzen.
Continuing her job as a Professor, Fenris returns to Shyden every so often. Due to recent household disagreements, Fenris moved out and decided to live in a small house in Lutie, her home town. Elia still visits her now and then, and recently Talos moved in with her.
After some more unfortunate events (much thanks to what she dubs "Rift Sickness," Fenris ended up in jail for attacking her best friend. She was sent to jail for accused murder of her parents (which is probably false due to her being at home with Elia the entire time). Fenris decided to try and stop the corruption from eroding at her any further, and has made significant progress. She still suffers the symptoms as seen earlier, but in not as serious bouts. Her memories of Desmund are the trigger to lapses in her reasoning. She has decided that she must reconcile with a lot of people after she gets out of jail, specifically Kira. Fenris has also had the thought of going away for a while, but that is unknown at the moment. Although in jail, it is notable she knows a lot due to rumors in jail.
Exiting jail, Fenris reentered society to reform herself and stop the roots of madness from growing any further. She has began collecting books, particularly those enchanted with some elemental magic or records of magical things. With Kira's help, she cleaned up her little cottage in Lutie and burned (quite literally) remnants of the past with Vega. She also got her hands on Welkin's notes regarding Thanatos and the Catacombs. It is also of note that she has learned a bit of that ancient language.
After leaving for a foreign land for a bit, she has returned a bit more back to normal then before. Fenris somehow started becoming like a mother, even though she isn't one. Secretly she still suffers from relapses, but she has discovered the key to hiding them. She has found out about Rhydian and devoted much of her effort to preparing and helping people int he fight against him.
For some unknown reasons, Fenris has become more pessimistic. She has started to believe that the only thing that would bring good for her is being alone. That being said, most of her actions are to preserve her own health and not so much others. The only exceptions to this rather mean attitude would be Geo, Rhunie, and family members, meaning everyone not close to her would probably be attacked if her goals were hindered by them. She gives less of a damn for anyone but herself and intimate company.


  • Kira
    • Perhaps Fenris' best of friends at the moment, so she considers. She enjoys talking to her and trusts her with some of her deepest secrets. Her accent also rubbed off on Fenris slightly. Fenris has began to grow a little distant from her, though they are still close friends. She doesn't want to be friends with her after Kira refused to kill her. After reconciling with her, she keeps in contact with her. She doesn't know if she considers her a friend still. Most likely hated beyond all extreme, but still unknown to herself and anyone. Stills wants her dead, or at least some answers.
  • Alecto
    • Though they recently met (relatively at the very least), Fenris believes she could trust Alecto completely. She went through the underground with her and finds her to share some views with her regarding certain members of the other gender. To put it plainly, she likes Alecto as a friend a lot. Fenris feels as though she can connect with Alecto, but after a few events she is unsure of whether she can ultimately trust her.
  • Elia
    • Elia Der Frau, or self proclaimed Elia Valkyria, is Fenris' beloved niece. She's active, and frequently visits the aunt she loves. She believes Fenris will never get attached to anyone besides Desmund, though she thinks Talos fits in quite well with her. She does not know Elia took an age changing potion. Nor does she know Elia stole Desmund's coat. Stopped visiting due to her mother's disapproval, but she still does when she has time.
  • Desmund
    • Was in a relationship with Fenris', however he disappeared without leaving her a word of some sort. Though gone, Fenris still loves him very much, but at the same time hates him for leaving. She seems to see him everywhere for some odd reason, though he is probably figment of her crippled mental capability. Memories of her time with him (and items of his) are probably the triggers to her lapses into rift sickness. Hates him, 'nuff said.
  • Welkin Macharius
    • It is unknown when Welkin and Fenris met, but it was probably when she was still working at the hospital. After she saved his life, they began talking and are pretty good friends. She always badgers him into doing favors for her, as a method of repaying the debt he "owes" her still. He's her personal info gatherer, and usually gets anything that may be vital from him. Finds him to a be a decent guy.
  • Manic
    • Met him around the same time she met Desmund. He was an enjoyable person to talk to. Nothing much else for her to say about him.
  • Talos
    • The remaining active member of their happy gang. Talos is a good friend of Fenris and took him under her roof. They recently began a relationship together, after all, broken hearts can become whole again. After recent events, she has begun fearing for his health more than before. Kind of conflicted with how she feels about him, as his repeated disappearance is starting to remind her of Desmund. Undecided on whether she should stay with him or not. He proposed to her, but she rejected him because she knows she would only be hurt or she would hurt him in the relationship. She has found hitting him when he's drunk makes him angry.
  • Lukiv
    • A person Fenris has known for a quite a while. She thinks he's an alright guy, but to into fighting and combat. She doesn't like the fact she's stuck with dealing with paper work he has to do. Fired a rocket into a crowd and hit her in the blast, not that it hurt much. She doesn't know what to think of him really, cept for as a boss.
  • Elsrea
    • Once a friend of Fenris. Even though she holds no grudges against her, they no longer talk to each other. Recently she had spoken to her and has found her to be fine and doing well. Fenris is kind of jealous of her ability to get well so quick. Doesn't really consider her a friend anymore, but she's still relatively polite to her.
  • Falkon
    • A really old guy Fenris knows from a while back, although not personally. She has spoken to him before and thinks that his age isn't the reason he's a genius.
  • Ernst Rabenvogel (if that's how you spell it)
    • She just met him, and considers him a smart guy. She likes to speak to him regarding education, philosophy, and other stuff. just like every other professor. She doesn't remember this bum anymore.
  • Dyson
    • Fenris met Dyson when she first arrived in Shyden. She thinks he's a pretty nice guy. Fenris feels that he's perhaps the only man that can balance training with rest. She thinks he's polite, and is polite in return. Nothing else really.
  • Rhunie Damon
    • A very temperate girl that Fenris met a while ago. She's kind, cheery, and Fenris really enjoys her company. She let Rhunie and Geo stay at her mansion in Lighthalzen. She let Rhunie use the library at the mansion, and she enjoys her enthusiasm for learning. The only thing she wishes her to control is her temper, because it could potentially kill her and Geo. Rhunie is like the daughter Fenris never had. She is taking care of her due to Rhunie being pregnant, oftentimes cooking meals for both Geo and Rhunie.
  • Geo Damon
    • The not so smart kid that Rhunie is married to. She has found he's prone to doing VERY random things. Fenris knows he has a good heart within, but hasn't been brought up properly (if at all). She is like a mother to Rhunie and Geo, keeping Rhunie's temper in check and Geo's problems away. She feels Geo is maturing faster than Rhunie, but that's still subject to debate. Her interactions with Geo have forged a sort of bond that's reminiscent of a parent and child. He's one of her closest confidences and comrades. She likes this blockhead like a son.
  • Rhydian
    • Ah Rhydian, the guy who's honest to the point of creepiness, creepy yet fun, and somewhat nice guy. She's…unsure of how to feel about this guy…and unsure is probably the best way of putting it. Part of her likes him because he's so honest, to the point, and (at times) kind. Yet on the other hand, she fears him because he's just creepy, sadistic, and cruel. Overall, it's safe to say she likes him as more then a friend…just slightly.

Recent Events

- Got a job for Pro. Sol. as a logistics worker.
- Got with Talos
- Recently began to suffer from what she calls Gate Sickness. She blanks out every so often and is disoriented. She has also began to drink more secretly.
- Took a shotgun shell to the stomach, hospitalized and in ICU, but still alive…barely. This almost mortal wound was caused by a corrupt Talos.
- Recovered, needless to say. Became even more distant from her friends.
- Mental condition seems to be worsening. becoming somewhat tripolar, complete with mood swings and blackouts.
- Murdered her parents and arrested by Kira and Vega. (1 month sentence 3/29/10)
- Out of jail. Burned many of her past pictures and stuff in order to open the doors for the present.
- Attempting to learn more about Thanatos, as well as collect a number of magic books.
- Quit the search as well as broke the contract (unofficially) with Pro.Sol. She has also gone missing recently.
- Reappeared after a long disappearance.
- Helping to take on Rhydian :|
- Helped Geo with becoming a Earth avatar.
- Went through the underground with Alecto
- Had a dyeing accident and now has platinum blonde hair instead of snow white.

Random Ditties

  • Believes vegetables belong in a forest.
  • Blanks out occasionally while listening to someone.
  • Fenris is a considerably deep sleeper.
  • Likes a stiff drink in her, such as the Glaskanone: a mix of Lighthalzen Silver Eagle and a mysterious drink called the Green Fairy.
  • Loves the cold, hates the heat. Completely.
  • Is afraid of showing her legs to people, but got over that thanks to Rhydian :|
  • Is able to fuse some basic battle spells with physical attacks (IE: her specialty Lightning kick,) though it is rather draining to do it often. Note: Spells NEEDS to be cast before fusion, success rate varies with the strength of the spell.
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