Played by Amour
Name Filbert Smithring
Gender Male
Age Unknown, but has been around 70 years since his death.
Race Ghostring
Birthdate December 14th
Height About two feet in actual height, but hovers about two and a half feet from the ground. So all in all, about four and a half feet.
Weight About eight ounces unless he's sucked up something inside him in typical poring fashion.
Hair He's just a blob ghost so no hair for him. :(
Eyes Souless Grey
Skin tone Blueish Grey
Occupation Ghost, feeling sorry for himself, alienating others.
Favourite food Apple Juice
Known skills Can summon one slave, a Whisper. Also, immortal life. Respawns in about thirty minutes if defeated.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Poring Paradise


Looks just like a typical Ghostring, except smaller. His eyes are also larger than most of his kind.


Filbert is a very timid creature. He likes exploring, but if others are around, he tries to find a way to be ignored and observe at the same time.
He loves collecting dolls.
Also, he has managed to capture a poor Whisper into being his follower. The poor thing just follows and doesn't say anything. Filbert has affectionately named him Ghostie.


Filbert was born to a noble Mastering who married a wealthy Poring. Although the couple was odd, they produced a cute, but rather small, baby boy Poring.
Mastering Smithring was known throughout his land as a daring knight. He would often take on opponents much bigger and stronger than he, and would many times be victorious. He had a lot of land, and many servants.
Mastering wanted Filbert to grow up to be a strong knight like him. So often he would summon him to help fight. But Filbert was really small even for his age, and hated violence. So he didn't make a very good 'knight'. One day Mastering summoned him to fight a very strong paladin. Mastering soon knew that the mighty paladin was too much for him and fled. But Filbert was just not fast enough to get away and got squished in typical poring fashion.
When Mastering found his dead son's remains, he felt very ashamed, and took the poor boy's body to his wife. Immediately the mother threw a fit in rage against her husband, accusing him of forcing her only son to do something he could not.
Attempting to make amends, Mastering took his sons squishy corpse to Arc Angeling, king of Porings in hopes that his status would help resurrect his son.
Every Poring knows that Arc Angeling is very mean spirited, despite his name, and also very arrogant. Laughing at the mere Mastering, he decreed that Filbert would not be resurrected, but instead, be doomed to walk forever in the world as a Ghostring.
Filbert arose to discover his new form, and simply cried.
Mastering frowned and took his ghost son back to his angry wife. Being the proud noble Poring that she was, rejected him. She declared that she never even had a son and that Filbert was just some poltergeist trying to trick her. She sent him away and told him never to return.

Nowadays, poor Filbert floats around the world, hauntingly dwelling where he isn't wanted, hoping to one day find someone that will truly accept him despite the fact that he's a ghost blob.


  • None Yet
    • Maybe Sometime


  • Will have a picture of him soon. Also, he normally doesn't talk to other people. Have to talk to him first.
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