Forge Aurinas
Played by hulttiems
Name Forge Aurinas
Gender Male
Age 27
Race Human
Birthdate Feb 8
Height 6'2"
Weight 225
Hair Red roots, dyed black
Eyes Red
Skin tone Tan
Occupation None
Favourite food Spicy Soup
Known skills Moderate in Fire Magic, and Fist Fighting
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Yuno


Forge is a tall, well built man with naturally tanned Skin. His hair is a blood red color that he dyes black every now and then. He has a very thick well taken care of patch of hair on his chin. He wears a leather jacket that has several belts and patches and a fur hood and zippers.


Forge is very apathetic at times, but is always itching for a fight. He speaks in a way that's very philosophical.


Born and raised in Yuno, he was a prodigy with the dark arts of fire. However he never took his studies seriously. He found the work boring and monotonous and frequently got into fist fights at school when he was a kid. He was expelled from the academy and left home to live his own life.


  • Fenris Valkyria
    • An acquaintance he met from talking into Shyden's Park


  • TBA
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