Gerfried Torvent
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Gerfried Torvent
Gender Male
Age 29
Race Human
Birthdate August 23
Height 6'0"
Weight ??
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Tan
Occupation Mechanic
Favourite food ??
Known skills Mechanically inclined, builds various objects containing metal parts
Alignment ??
Birthplace Yuno


His hair is usually a bit messy with an almost constant stubble on his face occassionally seen clean shaven. Generally wears work uniforms when out and about since he never knows when he might start a project.


Usually laid back while he is left alone though when faced with a cause he thinks is worth it can be filled with a sort of zeal to complete it with confidence. However in some instances when dealing with the emotion he knows as love, he becomes nervous, not always sure of himself.




  • Zarry - Cares much for her, and wants her to be able to see herself the way he sees her. Wishes he could more easily articulate how he feels for her.
  • Torbjorn Torvent - Father
  • Torsten Torvent - Brother
  • Hildegrun Torvent - Sister


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