Geo Damon
Played by Kotsru
Name Geo "Adamant" Damon
Gender Male
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate November 8th
Height 5"8"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Dark gray
Eyes Crimson
Skin tone Tan
Occupation Wandering Swordsman
Favourite food Anything that tastes good
Known skills Determination, Swordsmanship
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Unknown, but was raised in Izlude


Sports a normal swordsman uniform with crimson colored arm guards, greaves, and pants. He has a pair of headphones that never seem to come off his head, and always carries around a large sword on his back.


Comes off as a rather curious and impulsive young man always trying to keep everyone around him happy the best he can. He is reckless but always tries to do the right thing when trying to help others and stays loyal to those he becomes friends with.


At some point.


  • Jeremiah
    • One of the first people he ever met while in Shyden or the first time, and ever since then has become rather has become to develop a very close bond with him that can not be broken. He is one of his best friends and thinks of him as an older brother.
  • Rhunie
    • Geo's lovable, adorable, lightning and fire brimstone, magic wielding girlfriend who he loves 100%. Even though he does things to make her angry sometimes and gets a rather harsh magical spazzing, he will do anything to stay by her side and protect her.
  • Mihn
    • Is a really nice guy and aleady thinks he is a hero in his own way.
  • Kung Pao
    • Also a friend of his from Hero's for Hire guild. He likes eating with him because its fun :D
  • Stele Pants
    • Tends to think about money to much and sometimes let it cloud his judgment but still thinks of him as a nice guy.
  • Welkins Macharius
    • Thinks of him as a respectful soldier and friend.
  • Kirada
    • One of the people he finds really important to him. Has a rather awkward realationship and will listen to anything she has to tell him when told. Strangely finds her as more motherly figure for him in his life.
  • Falkon Vind
    • Leader of Vampire's!!!!. At first found him rather creepy but now thinks of him a good friend.
  • Creed Damon
    • His older brother……wants him dead…nuff said…..


  • Has a strange birthmark symbol on the left side of his chest underneath his clothing.
  • Likes to collect different sets of swords, mainly two-handed ones.
  • Tends to push himself to hard for others.
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