Gracien Hollow
Played by Rev
Name Gracien "Hollow"
Gender Male
Age Looks about 25
Race Unknown, appears human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'1"
Weight 212 lbs.
Hair Navy blue
Eyes Crimson
Skin tone Slightly pale, with scars on his back
Occupation Avatar of the Void, High Priest of Sagism, and Spokesman for the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride)
Favourite food Enjoys fine wine
Known skills Can manipulate emotions around him, able to erase one's memory for ten minutes at a time, very skilled with large blades naturally.
Alignment Lawful Evil (Border Chaotic…)
Birthplace Izlude


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Gracien, or Hollow as he's known to most, is something of a cocky bastard. However, unlike most, he's a very charismatic cocky bastard. Thus, he is quite a danger. Where most know the point when to stop, he simply smoothly manipulates others into pushing him forward. He has no regard for others whatsoever, seeing them all as toys for his goals. In battle, this is shown the most. He has no fear, and with no fear comes a strength many will never know. It is a wonder if he's even human considering all that.

Being so charismatic, he disguises his intentions well. Lying is simply a way of life for him, so he can achieve great things. He will purposely make himself come off as eerie or strange to others in order to strike fear within their hearts to make them easily manipulated. He is well cultured and naturally charming in odd, dark ways. Some say it's the mystery, other's simply say it's the dark feeling he gives off. As if his very soul is covered in a black mist. They do not know how right they are.

His exterior is always calm, which is unnerving to most. His rage has never been shown, but for good reason. When enraged he loses sight of goals, simply focusing on the kill. His normal methods in general are just sick… but when angered it's a new kind of sick that not many would be prepared for. He is not average, not at all.


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  • Apathy
    • A woman who lacks the care most contain, with surprising agility when it comes to having to protect herself or fight. The Leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. Initially he was quite interested in her when she first appeared, and now that he too is a Sin, he has taken on the role to care for her in a sense, with his unending Pride and need for things to boost his ego.
  • Xanthe Crossé
    • A vampire stuck forever in a child's body, despite being much older. While researching possible candidates for The Church of Sagis he ran across her name and sought her out. Much to his pleasure, she eagerly took on the role of being his "hand" of Sagis. He is keeping his eye on her secretly to judge just how worthy of Sagis's coming she is… So far, so good.


  • Leader of the Church of Sagis.
  • Has become one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Pride.
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