Guy Grievous
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Guy M. Grievous
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Human
Birthdate March 23
Height 5' 11"
Weight 182 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin tone Tan
Occupation Hitman, Sniper, Mercenary
Favourite food Goulash
Known skills Expert Sniper
Alignment Between Chaotic Neutral and Lawful Evil
Birthplace Morroc


Guy is very clean cut with his hair slicked back. There are no visible scars on his person. He always seems to wear sunglasses day or night so most people don't know what his eyes look like. Often times he carries a somewhat large black case, he stores his sniper rifle and bullets in it.


A bit gruff and proud of himself. Has a slight addiction to coffee. Isn't above doing dirty work and he doesn't care for most people in the first place.


Guy Grievous doesn't kill people for a living by chance. Guy was born to two assassin parents within the city of Morroc. He was raised in Morroc mostly as his parents worked there and still wished to raise him, however starting around his fifth birthday he was taken to spend several months a year in the city of Einbroch with his mother's brother.

It was around when he was eight that Guy got the opportunity to first fire a gun. His uncle was testing a new design of rifle for his employers who were a small security firm operating out of Einbroch. His uncle had set the gun down for a moment and Guy excited about it picked it up, he aimed and shot his uncle right in the thigh. A few explicitives later however, his uncle was actually praising him on his shot and was for the next few years trained how to properly use a rifle.

His uncle was killed when he was about 15 in a skirmish with some bandits but by this point Guy already seemed to be a crack shot. For the next two years he lived entirely in Morroc until he would leave, against his parents wishes, to become an assassin himself but with a rifle. He went after bounty after bounty with his rifle, picking them off from a distance. Eventually he would purchase the rifle he has today custom fitted to shoot farther than his old one and with more power. He dubbed it "Eagle Eye".

Soon Guy would join the Organization, working not only as a spy but as a sniper. Upon the Organization's fall he spent the next couple months looking for work before finally ending up as a guard in Rachel. But seeing little need for his services there now, he has moved on to look for new work.




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