Gwen Wyck

Gwen Wyck the Science Chick

Gwen, drawn by Sage
Played by Sage
Name Gwendallyn Ramona Wyck
Gender Female
Age 25
Race Human
Birthdate April 1st
Height 5’4” (163 cm)
Weight 140 lbs (64 kg)
Hair Pale-blonde
Eyes Light grey
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Student, scientist
Favourite food Burritos
Origin Yuno
Current residence Hyre Academy dorm


Gwen is a woman of slightly small stature. She stands at a mere five-feet-four-inches, but her body frame is a bit mix-and-match, being petite for her height yet having broader hips—which, she is fiercely self-conscious about. Her hair is pale blonde, and straight for the most part, but opts toward having a wave or two in it. She keeps it pinned back in a neat bun with her bangs parted on the side, but when the school day is over she doesn't mind if a few strands fall loose and gets a bit disheveled. She wears rectangular-framed spectacles over her light-gray eyes, and only uses minimal make-up since she finds it rather impractical and a bother to deal with.

Her attire is very predictable. Of course, during school hours, she wears the Kiel Academy uniform. After school, Gwen will usually not bother to change unless she is working on a delicate project. In this occurrence, she will sport sterile, white, lab clothing complete with a long coat and safety goggles. Otherwise, if she is not in either attire, she'll opt to laze around in something more comfy and practical, rather than fashionable.


In public, Gwen is a highly eccentric, silly, but dedicated scientist who can quite often be over-enthusiastic about her line of work. She is an optimistic and outgoing person, and can generally be perceived as being quite friendly …or an annoying geek. Though she rather enjoys the company of others and will chat away for hours about experiments and theories to them, Gwen is a bit slow in noticing when she's making people feel awkward or bored.

She finds it very important to present herself with a smile on her face and a pleasant demeanor, as she has deducted that this is the best method to get her point across to people. However, this cheery disposition is present only in social situations for the most part. Gwen has a persistent habit of over-working herself, avoiding sleeping and eating if it will give her more time to work on a project. Days without sleep and proper nutrition often take a toll on her mood, making her edgy and hasty, and susceptible to getting irritated with herself or her experiments. Though, she does her best to leave that attitude behind when faced with other people.

Gwen has a bit of a complex about herself where she believes her academic success and contributions to science directly affect her worth. With this being said, many of her inventions are fairly impracticable in one way or another; being simply told so won't be enough to falter her faith in her inventions, though if someone goes out of their way to thoroughly explain the problem with her creations, or with her in general, she tends to exert a sense of pessimism and shut herself away until she can prove herself.




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