Played by ixchel
Name Hajbird
Gender Female
Age 24
Race Human
Birthdate March
Height 5'8
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin tone A little pale, a little tan.
Occupation Knight
Favourite food Desert snake with mintsauce.
Known skills Being bold!
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Birthplace Izlude


Hajbird is taller than average and heavier than average, but she has to be: how would she be able to hunt otherwise? Her hair is short and brown, her bangs straight but the rest of her hair wavy around her face. She has a small nose and piercing, narrowed eyes. Her lips are not as thin as you would think for someone with her personality.


This knight is by no means romantic. She drinks, she gambles, and she's rude to everyone who doesn't show authority. The only people who she really respects are villains, as she believes they have more wit and "balls" than any other commonfolk or knight to begin with. She goes bounty hunting for the fun of dominating weak villains; however, if she finds one who is stronger than her, she will let them go with no harm done.


Hajbird was born to a blacksmith father and a common mother in Izlude. Her father had her help him with merchandising and building weapons. In their free time, her father taught her how to wield many different weapons. Hajbird's favourite weapon was the Fireblend, a rare fire-element broadsword that her father had come across in his travels as a youth. He promised to give it to her when she was strong enough.
Hajbird's desire to become a knight grew until, well, she finally accomplished it. Her fierce display earned awe from her parents, and so she was gifted with the Fireblend.


None, as of yet.


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