Jeremiah Clematis
Played by purple0iris / Yuu
Name Jeremiah Clematis
Gender Male
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate November 27th
Height 189 cm / 6'2"
Weight 78 kg
Hair Greyish Blue
Eyes Ultramarine
Skin tone Originally fair, slightly tanned
Occupation Freelance Wandering Warrior
Favourite food Too ignorant to pick a favorite. Likes alcohol, though.
Known skills Mastered skills in handling heavy spears,
able to move in heavy armors with ease
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Izlude


Short grey-blue hair that flows silkily in the wind sweeps over his mature-looking face with masculine property. Jeremy's strikingly deep blue eyes seem to pierce into others at first glance. Jeremiah is a tall young lad, and his mature physical appearance always seem to successfully fool others about his actual age, having people to guess him being in his early twenties rather than a mere teenager. He has an athletic build yet still gets to appear slim in most clothings, and he often hides his good figure due to slouching a lot when he sits. A smug, lazy grin dorns his expression most of the times, and he always does a typical lazy handwave when bidding a farewell or dismissing something. He fully covers himself in armor when he has to step into combat, otherwise he likes wearing simple and lighter clothes casually.


A young lad who seems to prefer not getting involved in troublesome events, though somehow he always gets roped into one either by persistent persuation or because of his empathetic self. Always feeling as if life doesn't have anything too good to offer, Jeremy usually never expects anything out of others or whatever he does for himself, and only letting the flow of whatever he decided to do to take him somewhere. He's normally very unmotivated, hence making him seem to be a very relaxed, laid-back figure in a glance. However, it's easy to motivate him and when he does get the trigger, he works hard and endeavors to give out his best for it. And although he seems to do it unconsciously, Jeremy seem to have the knack of keeping things under control, understanding what shouldn't be done and what would be or was reasonable to do.

He gets rather cheeky and sneaky sometimes, with mildly mischievous thoughts, although hardly ever really cause any troubles himself, and really is only all-talks when he's teasing others. Smoking and alcohol are exceptions. Although he isn't a heavy smoker and only do time to time, yet on the other hand, he drinks whenever he gets the chance… At least the good thing is, he knows how to limit himself to avoid passing out, out of the blues.

Jeremiah tends not to boast or tell stories about himself much unless asked, and even when he was asked, he usually doesn't tell what's truly personal to him. His childhood isn't too bright, nor does he like to tell the depressing story or mourn over it in the present time. He doesn't think he's any worse from other sufferers, nor does he like comparing someone's misfortunes through weighs in the past, present, or future. A person's pain isn't worse or better than another, as he believes.


He spent his childhood life in a ran down hut often with bruises or broken bones from his father's abusing, hence unable to do much at all inside his home or outdoor. Jeremiah lost his mother in illness quite early, and his father turned into a workaholic, then into a heavy drunkard before resulting to constant crime records. Up to a certain age when he's able to leave his home, by chance when he doesn't have too much injuries on him, he met an older girl named Ellis, who became the first person he's ever attached to. His life was starting to take a turn for the better ever since, having someone to rely on for comfort, and being able to learn the ways of combats from Ellis' father. Due to this, Jeremiah became capable of defending himself at home. He became closer to Ellis and her family, and seeing their place as his actual home where they always welcomed him warmly. He and Ellis also started developing deeper bond with each other, and became the most important for one another.

When the lad turned fifteen of years and a half, his father finally met his fated end of execution. Without any intimacy between father and son, Jeremy felt no loss when his father was executed. In fact, he felt that it was what the old man well deserved. Or at least, that was what he thought for his own satisfaction and ego. Realizing he was only thinking one-sidedly due to vengeance towards his own father, he became much more drowned thinking about the case in circles, possibly due to heavy guilt cloaked behind his consciousness. This resulted to him pulling away from Ellis and her family and became incredibly distant, spending half a year and another few months locked in his hut. Realization dawned upon him that casting off his care for his brutal father makes him no better than the old man, at least, with his negative views about the now dead man. Eventually his mentality snapped when fearing he may turn out no different, or worse, becoming helplessly devastated. Not wanting to show such a creature like himself to his dear Ellis, and worried that he would cause pain and unhappiness if he would stay with her any longer, Jeremiah had long nights of bitter self-debates. In the end, he decided to take the option to leave Izlude, where the wailing ghost of himself remains, and sacrificing the relationship with Ellis.

Once he stepped out of Izlude, his mind is set on fleeing, and only fleeing, away from his own fear that perhaps one day he'll be able to face. He traveled Rune-Midgards for the first time, and didn't venture far before deciding to sail his way out of the Kingdom, pass the Republic of Schwarzwald without a single stop there, and arriving at the Island of Esteria. Still feeling in a daze of hollow mind upon his arrival, he decided that he should cast away his gloom of losing most of himself in order to move forward…

Recent Events

  • When the Mad Orc Lord returned and invaded Shyden successfully, Jeremiah fled from Shyden with a couple of defenders after the attempt of protecting Shyden failed. Arriving in Harmonia with the rest, he was made as temporary leader for the retalation movement against the Orc Lord. He encountered the God Silven that night, and was bestowed a sacred armor from the God himself. He managed to reclaim Shyden's peace with the heroes.
  • After Amdis' cooperated movement with the Arunafeltz Army successfully overthrew Prontera, Jeremiah was shocked upon hearing that St. Capitolina Abbey and Izlude fell in their hands along with Prontera. Panicking over what may have happened to Ellis and her family, he decided to sneak into Izlude on impulse with the accompaniment of his best friend, Geo. Upon finding no presence in Ellis' house, the duo returned to Shyden with Jeremiah utterly silenced from the overwhelming horror.
  • Shortly after the sneaky visit to Izlude, Jeremiah locked himself in Shyden's hotel. Although his friend Geo, and a caring maiden Lycoris, tried to convince him to open the door, Jeremiah refused to respond until he heard the voice of his beloved who came to confirm him alive. Overjoyed yet torn in their brief reunion, Jeremiah learnt that Ellis had fallen into the hands of Amdis and marked as her servant. Ellis had to depart and return to Amdis, and the lad pledged to end Amdis to take his lover back.
  • After being informed that Payon may soon be attacked by Amdis, Jeremiah signed up immediately to assist in defending the city under the leader of the Pope of Prontera. Like many others who contributes, he's seeking more individual and group aids from other states. Jeremiah currently seems to be especially focused upon this matter, as well as finding ways on how they could obtain the support of the Major Magic Wells.
  • With Prontera finally retaken by the Pope and her army, it was announced also that there's more to this whole coming war aside from just Amdis, realizing Arunafeltz is not about to leave Rune-Midgards alone any longer. Not helping the situation, Jeremy was personally pushed over the edge of his patience when Sabriel mouthed off her opinion without heeding the situation further, that after the party was dismissed to rest, he was more than annoyed for the day. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of his day… as further on, he found out about the death of his lover, Ellis.
  • After spending a whole day by Ellis' grave behind the Prontera church, Jeremiah witnessed yet another divine aparition of a God, the Baronness, who came and granted Ellis a second chance by reviving her back to life. Now reunited with his lover, he and Ellis swore to walk side by side into the battles that are to come, and make it through together. They are now preparing to face Amdis with many others…
  • Along with other heroes lead by Alisha, Amdis was finally defeated and Geffen was liberated. In the process, Jeremiah lost his loyal partner, which is his PecoPeco that was sliced in half horizontally by Amdis. It caused Jeremy to almost lost his right leg if he didn't move fast enough, though not enough to sustain from a deep injury on it. After the battle, Sabriel kindly healed the injury well enough to let it stop bleeding as they made their way to Falkon's house in Harmonia for some questions. By the end of the day, Jeremiah received a Medal of Valor from Welkin for his achievement.
  • After his full recovery of his leg, thanks to the Pope and her wonderful healing magic, Jeremiah took Ellis to a date… something the two never managed to enjoy together since long years passed being apart. The two headed to Amatsu, had a lovely lunch together, did a little shopping, and eventually, they took a lovely stroll through the beautiful trees. Eventually, Jeremiah took Ellis towards the biggest tree on top of a hill and proposed to her under the tree there. After having his proposal accepted, the two visited Ellis' parents back in Izlude before having their engagement approved. Shortly after, hearing that Geo had also proposed to Rhunie properly, the four friends are planning a wonderful double wedding and are quite excited about it. Except, behind their merry faces, Jeremiah is having one complication between himself and Davven…
  • A "training" was held by Dyson one day, and Jeremiah was dragged along. Not only himself, that is, as Dyson also invited a couple of others along… notably Paro, Ellis, and Davven, with Rhunie catching up to them in the middle of the training scene. In the end after being much played by the god Silven, Ellis left the scene exhausted, desperate to head off to rest. Meanwhile, Davven had briefly invited the others to the hotspring. Although quite hectic yet lighthearted things happened, there was one personal scene unshared from Jeremiah, though it left his mind torn and indecisive about his feelings for Davven. A few days later, Dyson delivered him a letter from Davven personally, and after reading it, Jeremiah found that Davven decided to leave and far in order to stop his growing feelings from intervening between Jeremiah and Ellis. Jeremy was taken aback by this, but decided he can't sit still to let it just flow and decided he will seek Davven to talk things out…
  • Rhunie was reported unseen and missing for half a month. Both Geo and Jeremiah were on their toes searching for her desperately with heavy concerns and with help from their friends. Eventually finding her "brainwashed" in Rachel, things continued to worse. After discovering who was the one that had kidnapped her and brainwashed her, Geo, Lanysen and Renkaru encountered the culprit, Creed, while Jeremy had little luck in finding the man around his area of search. The next thing he knew, Jeremy was informed by Geo that Renkaru was killed in that encounter, protecting Geo from being slain by Creed himself. Devastated upon the loss of a treasured friend, Jeremiah was terribly shaken. But keeping strong to himself in order to come to a solution, he kept in the tremendous pain even after visiting Renkaru's grave in Amatsu and proceeded in planning their next actions. After hearing Geo's plan of wanting to sneak into the temple, Jeremy claimed against the idea along with Welkin. However, without knowing about anything that happened afterwards, Jeremiah was summoned by Welkin to Lighthalzen Hospital the very next day, only to hear that Geo had went into the temple with the brainwashed Rhunie, resulting with the two of these dear friends of Jeremy's stabbed in the heart and clinging on their lifeline. Although thankful that both of them had survived as the surgery succeeded, it was still a distress to know that Rhunie had a miscarriage from the shock of the wound and the loss of blood, losing her babies, which Jeremiah had even adopted as part of his own future family members.
  • Upon meeting a mysterious lady who appeared in the hospital as Jeremiah was watching the recovering Geo and Rhunie, the lady had advised him to seek some answers from the Pope of Prontera Church about the Temple of Freya and whatever disease it was spreading from it. A day after, he finally decided to head to Prontera to ask the Pope concerning the topic… and upon receiving the answers, he also discovered the chaotic events the Pope had personally went through in her past concerning her sister, The Force, and her homeland. Seeing the Pope losing her usual reserved self in her quivering voice as she told her story, Jeremiah couldn't help but to bring himself to comfort the Pope in a friendly and warm embrace, allowing the Pope to let out all her tears as he secures her from falling. He came to realize how he sees the Pope as an important friend he wishes to protect and support in however way he can. In the end, Jeremiah nodded firm to the confirmation that the "disease" from the Temple of Freya is a "curse", and whatever it originates from lies dormant in the lower ground of the temple. He then hurried his way back to Rachel to warn the rest of his allies to stay away from Arunafeltz for the time being, as well as glad upon finding out later that Rhunie had regained her memories with the help from the Pope and Voice.
  • Caught a terrible cold, yet Jeremiah went to battle replacing Geo, and in the end lied sick with pneumonia in the hospital. It took some time to recover, though he was incredibly happy to see Nephilia alive in the new world. He is also becoming a father as Ellis is pregnant now, perhaps almost the time for her to give birth… However, he noticed her physical health is rapidly draining away.
  • Discharged from hospital, he was later informed that he was recruited into the new Pronteran Brigade called the Order of Griffmore, along with Geo, his best friend. He's now doing his best serving his duties as a knight in various ways, but also not forgetting to be a friend, a husband, and a future father.
  • After taking temporary leave from the brigade to stay by his pregnant wife, the day of the child delivery finaly arrived. With Noble's help as a doctor and Geo as their mental support, Ellis managed to deliver their baby girl, Edelline, and survived the crisis of her own failing health. All were relieved to have both the mother and the child safe and alive…


Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
  • Creed Damon : A man Jeremiah is seeking to put a stop to his doings. He never had encountered this person on his own, only knowing he's a bastardous older brother of Geo's. Creed had killed Ellis under the command of Amdis once, kidnapped Rhunie and brainwashed her, and slain Ren who had tried to protect Geo from him. Jeremy's concluding thought upon this man is definitely unforgiving, but he also wonders the real reason why Creed is doing all the things he did… and he doubts that it's all only to keep messing with Geo's life pointlessly. | Rating: Hated (-75)
  • Davven Delmar : A quiet man who, in first glance, never seem to talk about his life for people's ears, though had revealed it from his own words towards Jeremy one night in Harmonia square. Jeremy seem to reflect quite a concern and care for this man, regardless he knows not of him that much. He's now in possession of the man's pack of cigarettes, although he's in the process of withdrawing from smoking. After trying to invite Davven to his future wedding celebration, which was declined, Davven had asked Jeremiah for a spare time to talk privately. However, rather than words, what Jeremy received was a kiss on the lips from Davven, and was left by the man to stand in confusion. Realizing he does have strong feelings for Davven, Jeremiah has mixed feelings about his decision of keeping both Davven and his wife in his heart. | Rating: Loved? (+?)
  • Dyson : The Abbey Master of St. Capitolina who Jeremiah first encountered in the Sphinx, where Geo was helping the Master train a new Monk, Stele. Jeremiah seem to encounter this man quite often ever since, and sees him as an adult he gains quite a respect for, despite the funny slides the man has time to time. He likes hearing wise words that the Master occassionally shares, for he finds them always reasonably, and easily, agreeable. Despite him being dragged out to training sometimes, Jeremy became fond of the master's company as well. He often tags along with Dyson from one place to another when there are important messages to deliver. | Rating: Pleased (+35)
  • Ellis Gardania (Regetta Marigold) : Jeremy's faithful love who once suffered as Amdis' slave. After being murdered by Creed under the order of Amdis, and then revived by the Baronness, Ellis and Jeremy are now able to walk side by side again. Jeremiah treasured Ellis, seeing her as his very first savior and his most important person in his life since his childhood. He had proposed to Ellis under the big cherry blossom tree on the hill of Amatsu and they are now officially engaged after gaining approval from Ellis' parents. Despite the distractiions of his mixed feelings about Davven, Jeremiah still loves Ellis dearly and his feelings for her couldn't possibly fade, and neither does he have in mind about letting her go or leaving her for the second time. They are currently married and Ellis had just gave birth to their newborn daughter, managing to pull through a crisis of her failing health.| Rating: Loved (+95)
  • Falkon Vind : Jeremiah haven't interracted with the man as much as others have, aside from moments when they discussed of important or official matters. Though, Jeremy was determined to keep Falkon's name clear from troubles in the past events and was eager to assist with what he could. He's aware that Rhunie is now studying directly under Falkon, and he trusts his little sister in his watch. He once had read Falkon's personally written biography when he stayed a few nights at the vampire's house in Harmonia and learnt a little bit of the man's past life. | Rating: Neutral (0)
  • Geo Damon : Jeremiah's official number one best friend. They both became very inseparable, and Jeremiah really looked out for Geo with ultimate care and empathy. Jeremy seem to like bullying his dear friend, though grateful of his presence at the same time and would do anything necessary to help Geo with anything he needs. He now considers Geo as an impulsive younger brother of his own, if he would ever have one. He believes that Geo is the start of his necessary turning point as a new person, making Geo a significant and irreplacable figure in his life. | Rating: Loved (+85)
  • Lanysen : A wandering elf Jeremiah became acquainted with. He feels that Lanysen is quite familiar, perhaps because of the man's polite manners that resembles Ren's as well, however noting that Lanysen isn't as expressive as Ren is. He likes conversing leisurely with Lanysen, and is interested in knowing the man better. He's owed the elven man quite a lot as time passed by, and values him as a friend more and more. | Rating: Pleased (+50)
  • Luca : A very young, little boy who Jeremiah had became very fond of looking out for, perhaps completely smitten by the little one's adorable personality. Knowing the little boy is one of very few people who absolutely cares for Davven, Jeremiah sincerely encourage Luca's goals and actions. | Rating: Pleased (+30)
  • Lycoris Caldwellii : The elven lady who once helped recovering Jeremy's horribly infected wound. Jeremy thinks she's caring and kind, and is talented in healing magic and first aid. Though a very shy person too, she has moments where she shows strictness, especially when it comes down to one's health and wellbeing. She's quite the worrywart, but he thinks she and his friend Ren makes a very peaceful and serene couple. Sadly enough, Jeremiah had to inform her about the death of Renkaru… which had left the lass terribly shaken and fell into hopelessness. He's incredibly concerned of her condition, seeing she had became constantly gloomy. | Rating: Neutral (+20)
  • Nephilia Frucroix : Although Jeremiah isn't one bit religious, Nephilia became a figure Jeremiah fully respects as an individual. It became clear to him how the she really puts the importance of her people as her highest priority before anything else, that she would sacrifice anything she has just for their best. Jeremiah does come to worry about her condition as he learnt that she has the bad habit of forcing herself to work, with so many burdens on her shoulders. She had shared her detailed past life regarding her time in the Nameless Island and Rachel with him, and Jeremiah felt such a heavy impact upon on himself only by listening, and listening about the past was the only thing he could do then. He now understood how heavy the burdens and the scars Nephilia had to endure and carry alone, all this time, that he could even start feeling the suffocation within his own chest. He came to see her as a dear friend he'd like to support and be a pilar for her strength whenever needed, and vowed he will always be on her side. Despite her being no longer a Pope in the current world, he is forever grateful of her and loves her as a greatly treasured friend, feeling ever so happy whenever seeing her. | Rating: Loved (+80)
  • Noble Castiel : A fellow Gryphon Knight from the Brigade, Jeremiah respects her as a senior, as a doctor, and as a friend at the same time. He learnt many from her and Geo when he just came from the Brigade and knows he will still be learning from her for a longer while. He asked her to help Ellis deliver the baby, and was very glad that he did. | Rating: Pleased (+34)
  • Paro : A werewolf Jeremiah had came to be very fond of. Likes looking out for him whenever he's around. | Rating: Liked (+50)
  • Rhunie : Another person who Jeremy considers as a close friend, Rhunie is Geo's girlfriend. Seeing from that, Jeremiah also looks out for her naturally, and he seems to know his way around in calming the feisty girl down when her temper's riled up, especially if it's about Geo. Moreover, he always finds ways to smoothen their relationship again after each bump. Although knowing this couple gets quite a lot of problem— almost everyday, too— Jeremy knows these two are a couple with one of the strongest bond. He sincerely sees Rhunie as a younger sister, that he would go as far as being quite protective and real doting older brother towards her. | Rating: Loved (+85)
  • Renkaru Saotome : An Elfen man who also had become a close friend to Jeremiah. Jeremy was once really concerned about this one friend of his who is often so down. Although Ren often puts up a serene and gentle smile, Jeremy knows very well that pained being behind the very mask of his. Jeremy was encouraging Renkaru's new relationship with Lycoris. However, the dear friend's life didn't last long enough for a true happy end. Jeremy is devastated by the loss of Renkaru, but he knows to be thankful of what Ren had done to save Geo, his soul brother… Though recently, he met the Renkaru of the present alternate Advent. | Rating: Liked (+50)
  • Sabriel Lightwing : A strongheaded lady who Jeremy finds VERY opinionated, yet he admits she has a benign and caring side. She criticized Jeremy for having the lack of leadership skills, despite being chosen as a temporary leader of taking Shyden back from the Orcs. However, Jeremy doesn't seem to deny her critic and accepted it nonchallantly, which is an attitude Sabriel isn't allowing to continue. She's now sternly trying to brush up and sharpen his leadership skills properly. To be honest, Jeremy doesn't really like the ways she does things, such as eavesdropping on others' discussions when she really doesn't need to, or isn't even assigned to. Her snooping around makes him feel she doesn't have a "clean" character, herself, despite her always acting so uprightly just. | Rating: Neutral (0)
  • Welkin Macharius (Welks) : Welks had became Jeremy's official drinking buddy. Jeremy clearly enjoyed exchanging opinions and having conversations with the man or even just listening to his stories, noting Welks has his own perks. Jeremy always looks forward to meeting the man again, and now sees Welks as a necessary and valued companion. After taking down Amdis with a group of people lead by Alisha, Welks presented him the Medal of Valor. Jeremiah seem to like Welkin as a close friend now, and even asked Welkin personally to be his best man. Jerry looks up to him as a parent figure at times. | Rating: Liked (+70)


  • Jeremiah is a lazyass. Even if you managed to get him to work hard, he always has that lazy and laid-back nature in him to pop back up every now and then.
  • Thanks to a number of life lessons, Jeremy improved from being an individual who sits back and let anything happen, into an initiative person who can stand up and take action over something that needs to be handled.
  • Is HORRIBLE at first aid. Well, not 0 knowledge, but his grading would be a D.
  • Has 0 level sixth sense… usually. But after the Baronness splattered something into his eyes, his third eye seem to be sharpening ever since.
  • Since he tends to do some delivery service or anything of a messenger boy, he keeps a notebook to keep his To-Do list in check.
  • In possession of Davven's pack of cigarettes.
  • Received a concoction from Kenryo in Shyden inn once. The drug to silence an individual from spilling information if one ever gets caught by an enemy. Jeremy still keeps it handy in secret.
  • Received a Medal presented by Welks.
  • In the progress of ceasing from smoking.
  • Has Rhunie's handwriting on his favorite blue cap hat that says, "Big Brother's Messenger Service."

* Is officially to with Ellis.

  • Had bought a house in Harmonia and working his ass off- err, backbreakingly hard on several different labors to pay off the house bills.
  • Had revealed that joining the Prontera Knights Brigade was once his childhood dream, although claimed he decided to take a turn away from that path as he grew up… though, never stating the actual reason. But it seems that "childhood dream" still lingers in his heart. He once visited the Prontera Chivalry with Dyson and a female knight, and was acting like a total dorky, excited child the moment he stepped in there as he looks at everything and everyone in the building… which is a behavior that had never been expected out of him.
  • Received a Sleeper gun from Welks. Keeping in handy.
  • His habit of smoking is resurfacing due to slight depression after losing his dear friend, Renkaru, but only does it when he's alone.
  • Became close with Nephilia.
  • Married to Ellis.
  • Possesses Davven's last cigarette in exchange with a pack of his old one. Also decided to stop smoking while keeping hold of it.
  • Received a pocket watch from Paro as a wedding present.
  • Joined the Prontera Chivalry, bearing the encouraging words from Nephilia.
  • Is becoming a father soon!
  • Became a member of a new knights brigade in Prontera, Order of Griffmore, with his gryphon.
  • Chasing down a lot of information about the weather changes, especially about the ocean, which are stopping a lot of shipments.
  • Accomplished a couple of individual missions, and a group mission with Geo and Noble, gained an honorary title from the General despite still being in a beginner's rank.
  • Got a baby girl, and relieved that Ellis survived.
  • Returning to the Brigade after a temporary leave.
  • Bought a land and rebuilt a house in the outerskirts of Moscovia for Geo and Rhunie to congratulate them for their babies.

Current progress

  • Seeking information about the head honcho of the absurd storms, and encouraging many others to gather materials for barricades.
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