Jirair Yuuta
Played by ArturiaPendragon
Name Jirair Yutta
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Height 5'5
Weight 56 kilograms
Hair Raven
Eyes Purple
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Assassin
Quote "Assassins who don't spare the innocent are nothing more than robbers."
Favourite food Sandwiches
Known skills Throwing daggers at precise accuracy, Assassin Stuff (hiding in shadows, disguising, Stealth killing… you know, Assassin stuff.), lock picking
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Birthplace Rachel, Capital of the Arunafeltz Empire


A young man who is quite slim and fit in build, perfect for the work he is doing. He has Raven hair which goes down all the way to his neck, and his fringe going right. His clothes come in a long silver jacket with beige gloves. He also wears white shorts and silver leg covers which reaches above his knees, completed with a red scarf around his hand, and a belt with multiple pockets for slotting knives for throwing and one bottle of Deadly poison for imbuing to his weapons, should the need of it ever arise. Normally you would usually find him sticking around with a pet Lunatic either walking next to him, or on his head. However, during spying missions or assassination missions, he wears his original Assassin outfit in black, which is a jumpsuit which covers the entire body, and the very same belt with multiple knives in it.


He isn't really like your average Assassin. He's very outgoing, appreciates himself for who he is, and likes to talk to every kind of person, and most of all, like to do what he likes, attempting to put a smile on their faces without telling a lie. He's the kind of a positive thinker, but he doesn't like attention that much as well. Jirair tries not to reveal his occupation (Assassin) easily due to his impression of everyone reporting that he is one the moment he mentions it. He also loves animals, especially the one who's always walking next to him, a Lunatic by the name of "Bunny", although as much as he fails to realize it, he contradicts alot with his own words.

He's also a clean freak and would even clean up for his friends if they made a mess, or do anything for them to maintain their smile or help them let go off their worries. Behind that attitude however, is a very skillful assassin who knows his knives.


Jirair is very talented in the ways of assassination ever since the age of 15. He could break locks more quicker than any most other thieves and assassins in the guild, and his accuracy for shooting caught the attention of the ranks of the higher ups, which labeled him an extremely gifted and capable assassin or solving advanced missions that are too tough for the ordinary assassin. However, regardless of such skill, he does not kill and make money for the living whatever the cost like most of the thief classes out there, as he follows his own code of assassination. "Kill only when the other kills.". This left the other assassins look down on him and even start picking on him.
He also has a twin sister who was born from the same family, by the name of Anneka Yutta. Unlike her twin brother, Anneka was a Priest of the church in Rachel who loves carrying a Pet Lunatic named 'Bunny' around her, and helping out the church with duties like prepare holy water, prepare offerings, and such. Their parents are gone when they were small children, so they were just living together, until when a group of rogue Assassins barged into his house when the both of them are at the age of 19, in attempt to kill both Jirair and Anneka for they believe Jirair was "a disgrace to the Assassin Guild".
Defeating the group, and fearing that the same group might have friends to target them again, the both of them went on their own separate ways, and they both exchanged their valuables to remember them by. Jirair gave her a pendant with a silver ring with his family name carved on it, and his sister, her pet Lunatic. The both of them went away from each other, hoping that they would meet other again soon. Currently, the assassin is staying in Hugel, helping out the farmers pick up fruits and enjoying the nature of the town.


Bunny: Also commonly known as the Lunatic sitting on top of Jirair's head, or walking alongside him. The Lunatic is someone he doesn't let go off, and the lunatic is capable of small understanding of speech and feelings.

Paro: A werewolf which he got to know for some time hanging around on Shyden. Likes paying a small visit to him whenever he comes.

Nikita Jackson: A blacksmith of Hugel, the young man tends to find her interesting, although she doesn't smile much.

Jeremiah Clematis: A young man he found him lying around in Payon drinking, and is still popping up to say hi and all.

Alisha Turfur: The mother of Nikita, and the mayor of Niffleheim. Turned him to an Aliza once when he's cleaning up Nikita's room, and swears to pay back her in a playful manner one day.


  • He doesn't like clowns, and he has a bit of a paranoia against them.
  • He's very picky in jobs, like not murdering innocents. When not working, he helps the farmers in Hugel.
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