Played by Behemoth
Name Joseph
Gender Male
Age Mid Twenties
Race Human
Birthdate N/A
Height 6' 0''
Weight 150lbs(roughly)
Hair Dark Purple
Eyes Purple
Skin tone Light Tan
Occupation Firearm Enthusiast
Favourite food N/A
Known skills Shooting a lot
Alignment Neutral(may very)
Birthplace Einbroch


Somewhat Average and slender, but built for carrying his grenade launcher with shot gun and many other guns but mainly seen decorated with grenades lining his body.


Mello and carefree personality and is very in love with guns, a bit too much..(trigger happy maybe?) which is the only time he gets excited.


He lived in Einbroch all his life and always has been fascinated with fire power. So as years passed he finally was able to apply for the Gun Slingers guild to get his first weapon. And his passion only shows when he is blasting things to pieces.




Recent Events

  • After recent explosive events he's a very changed man and decided to take his leave as he puts his resignation into the Hero's for Hire with a bitter farewell.
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