Josette Soldeis
Played by kaibibangel
Name Josette Soldeis
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate February 3rd
Height 5' 6"
Weight 175~180 lbs
Hair Auburn
Eyes Viridian
Skin tone Fair, Caucasian
Occupation Swordsman-in-training
Favourite food Cinnamon Apple Pie (or Apples in general)
Known skills Adequate swordsmaship, hiding, heavy lifting
Alignment Lawful Good
Birthplace Izlude


A young lady with long red hair, and clear green eyes. Her face is round and framed by her bangs, and the locks cover her ears. The front of her hair is usually tied into two loose ponytails in the front, with the rest hang at her backside. She is a slightly tall, lean girl, who usually is seen wearing her uniform, which is green, her favorite color. She has small hands and feet, which are usually hidden within her worn out steel-toe leather boots and leather gloves, made to last and still going strong. She carries a sword with her that was handed to her from her father - a simple one handed blade that he had when he was a squire, and recently sharpened for her use.


Super polite, social, and tends to do her best, despite wanting to just scream in frustration at times. "We all have our moments." she would say. She usually has a smile on her face, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She admits that she is somewhat of a coward, and sometimes needs a little 'push' to get things done. She trives on approval, and always hopes to make everyone proud of her, as she believes everyone - even herself - is counting on her to succeed.


The daughter of a mercenary and a huntress. A few years after she was born, her mother, Heidi, had developed a mental illness, paranoid schizopherenia, and had almost died by her hand. Too young to remember or understand what exactly happened, Josette was taken in by her father to live in Izlude. There, she was schooled, and trained to be a warrior, in hopes of becoming a proud Paladin one day.


  • Heidi Soldeis
    • Josette and Lilium's loving mother, who was an excelent huntress back when she could walk properly. Struggles with worn out leg, one had been broken in an unfortunate accident, and she must use a metal brace. Is being taken care of by doctors within a hospital in Alberta. Currently suffers paranoid schizophrenia and is kept under close watch. Her maiden name was 'Heidi Kisubur'.
  • Crispin Soldeis
    • Josette's father, mentor, and most respected individual. A mercenary who had falled in love at war with a huntress and nurse, Heidi, and thus having Josette as a result. While they lived together, he and their daugher were assulted by Heidi, who thought they were demons. Seeing as Heidi is in no condition to raise a child, Crispin took Josette with him and admitted his wife to a hospital where she would find the help she needs. He hopes to make a warrior out of her. He is strict and has high expectations from Josette.


  • Not good at hiding her emotions, even though she tries her best to not let things get to her.
  • Would loose hope and give up too easily at times.
  • Thinks she's overweight, and sometimes would starve herself, or living off of bread, water, and cheese.
  • Suffers from 'bad luck'.
  • Once got beat up by a cat. Later she finds out it was actually a 'Wild Rose'. She strives to catch one to proove she wasn't making it up.
  • Has a bad habit of being super polite, and always apologizing. She tries her best to be a good girl, and hold back her anger and saddness.
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