Kathleen Etain
Played by Laufiea Tace
Name Kathleen Etain
Gender Female
Age 668
Race Elven
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5"7
Weight 122
Hair Orange
Eyes Light blue
Skin tone Light Olive
Occupation Member of the "Congregation" Of the United Church of Midgard
Favourite food Strawberries
Known skills Strong Champion's Attributes
Alignment Neutral/ Easily Influenced
Birthplace Unknown to her ( Morroc )


Slick and beautiful, usually adorning the robes of an Arch Bishop, she wears them, gliding effortlessly
like the lady she is.


Incredibly uptight at times, trying hard to act like a lady all of the time easily corrupts her true,
feelings. She also has trouble coping with her alignment due to personality issues, also she may act out
her frustration.


Kathleen Etain, a once powerful adversary of all that is good in Midgard, including the church, whom rumored
her to be the positioned solider of Sagis' frustration on the Earth; for four hundred years until she was rumored to have
been killed by the army of the church in Prontera, she was feared as a most ruthless opponent, acting only
on pure emotion without regard for others, or even herself it seemed at times, charging headlong into the
attacks of foes; this goes on until she disappears suddenly one hundred and fifty two years from the present
time. Only to emerge a brainwashed and a much less powerful pawn of the "Congregation" of the church, a secret organization
of the same faction. Now she does their bidding, but for how long?


  • Hates Emotional people
  • Easily gets confused
  • Changing Alignment (dependent on influence)
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