Played by Zero
Name Kien (Hallwill on the other side))
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'2"
Weight 20KG
Hair Pink
Eyes Pink
Skin tone Tan
Occupation Unkown
Favourite food anyfood
Known skills Sedution, and attractiveness
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Unkown


short pink hair that his bangs will almost cover his right eye (your right sine the picture is left) with round eyes and always brings with him a messenger bag


Moody very hard to identify who is who because there are time that hallwill will take place since kien has dual personality despite the differences hallwill is soft and kind and has respect to anyone and kien is the opposite thing because he is the one who experiences bad events that has been happening to him but he takes it as his enjoyment for the same place.


he's an orphan lived and grew in a bad environment and lost his pride as a man in the age of 10 and dislikes women he became a man who hungers for pleasure due to his gender many men rejected him and some men take him as for their pleasure and kien found it fun and the harder it gets the more he loves it, and he's doing this because he wants to be loved.


  • Xevarious Vanguard

*- a heroic man who protected him from the predator


  • inside his messenger bag he carries his sex toys and clothing
  • he brings a book named Hallwill and once you write something in its blank page it replies back
  • you can kill him if he annoy's you since he doesn't know how to duel
  • he loves strong, muscular and handsome men
  • in desperate times he is the one who will rape you
  • the most senitive part of his body is left hand fingers
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