Kung Pao
Played by Joel (JoJo)
Name Kung Pao
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Birthdate 1st of April
Height 181 cm
Weight 207.27 kg
Hair Dark Brown/Black
Eyes Chocolate
Occupation Fat Ninja
Favourite food Chicken Drumstick with any dressing
Known skills Food no Jutsu
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Louyang


He is really fat. Often appears with food in hand and crumbs on his chin or teeth.


Kung Pao is lazy and wants nothing but food. However, deep down he really wishes to be the greatest ninja ever and thus he complies with Mihn's wishes for heroism. Overtime he started to take the heroic values for himself as well. Although, he still has a great weakness for food and will go into a rampage or hallucinations if put on a diet for too long. He tends to use his food as weapons in a creative sort of of way since his hands are too stubby to properly grip ninja weapons.

He tends to call people by names of food that sound somewhat similar to their actual names.


Pao keeps to himself and hasn't revealed much of his origin nor why he is so fat. Perhaps as a child he was raised by Pecos and then he turned around and ate them. That is one legend of many. Others say Pao was already born as a big baby and his first words were "Give me food!". The rest is history.

Eventually, he founded the Heroes for Hire guild along with Mihn to gather heroes across the land and help people. Slowly, the guild still builds up.


  • Mihn
    • "Mint! He is great inspiration plays very good music!"
  • Steel Pants
    • "Steamed Potatoes. A great warrior with fists as steal as his pants! Thinks a lot about money though… must help him!"
  • Geo Damon
    • "Garlic. One of the first to join us! He is really strong and sometimes reckless!"
  • Rhunie
    • "Rummy! She is nice lady… I see her and Garlic act funny together."
  • Kenryo
    • "A Ninja!! He is very helpful and seems bent on training me! …argh I don't wanna exercise!"
  • Dyson
    • "Master Monk! He seems like an older and wiser hero out to help us young heroes!"
  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • "Jello! He is good friends with Garlic and a good knight of the dinner table!"
  • Paro
    • "Food thief! But now he is good friend. Also want to help train me! Gave me fat Gryphon friend!"
  • Voice
    • "She is very nice friend but seems lonely so I talk with her when I can! Sir Caviar helps her too! Right now she needs protection!"


1. Was appointed leader of Heroes for Hire.
2. Tried to defeat the Aruni Bishop with Hot Sauce. Failed.

Recent Development

  • Must Protect Miss Voice!
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