Played by John
Name Kyo
Gender Male
Age About 25
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown, Celebrates birthday every newyear.
Height 5'9
Weight 147
Hair Midlength, brown
Eyes Hazelish-blue
Skin tone White (barely tanned)
Occupation Hitman
Favourite food Prefers seafood over anything
Known skills Poison Develouper, DaggerHandy
Alignment Neutral- Whatever pays best
Birthplace Prontera Woods


(Visually as above), Has a large scar across his chest from a mission went wrong. He has mid-length brown hair, his eyes are a strange varient of blue that often turns green or hazel depending on his emotions. He isnt excessively tall but isnt short either, hes extremely skinny for his height because of his long training periods to lose weight and be fast for quick escape.


Hes a very unoppinonated person, goes with the flow and tries to keep a low profile. Does what he can with his talens for a quick buck, reguardless of which side hes fighting for. He has a bad temper when it comes to orcs. They easily can cause problems with him because of his past.


Born in prontera woods, starting his life on the run. His parents are unknown to him and the way he was raised he never really cared. He was stolen straight from his birthmother by his current Master. He stole him to sell him into slavery but grown attached and had never told him that. He was told that he was just sitting there in the woods. He always did odd jobs for his master and they did what they had to, to get by. Eventually he sworn his life to a cult of assassins untill he decided they were holding him back and he eliminated all of them. He took his skills to higher levels assassinating whatever needbe to keep food on the plate for him and his master.


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