Played by hulttiems
Name Kyung-hwa
Gender Female
Age 62 (appears 21)
Race Harpy
Birthdate April 30
Height 5'7"
Weight 110 (Lightweight to allow flight)
Hair Black with pink streak
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Professional DJ
Favourite food Sweet Fruit with more sugar
Known skills Moderate in hand to hand combat, and projectile weapons
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Amatsu


Medium length black hair that is usually tied in a bun and chopstick combo. A panda barrette. Usually has a dyed streak of hair of different colors, currently she's sticking with pink. Wears a lot of bright colors, with different abstract patters, such as Checkerboard print, Stars, Clouds, Lightning Bolts, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs. She wears an array of glowing rings around her wrist. and neck.


Very friendly, and a little weird at times, she'll be more than happy to talk to anyone about music, dancing and sweets.


Born in Amatsu, her parents put her through music lessons at the age of 4. She learned a native instrument, the Koto, and eventually mastered it at the age of 8. She found newer instruments of interest such as the Piano and Flute, and eventually mastered the two as well. Fascinated with music, she has a strong taste in classical music, Jazz, and a recent interest in electronic music. Instantly falling in love with it she quickly wanted to become a DJ. With about 5 years of practice she is considered a professional. Her frequent DJing has given her the name of "DJ Rainbow", coined by several people who quickly took notice to her variety of colorful clothing and feathers.


  • TBA


  • Kyung-hwa fights with modified Vynil Records on a string of sturdy, yet flexible metal to allow quick retrieval. The edges have been modified to have Razor blades, or they can be switched out for toothed blades to act as a saw. Or she can wear a special glove that locks the weapons into place so she can use them similar to Katars, and they also serve as a place holder so that the records do not cut her when she pulls them back to her.
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