Leonard Gunlock
Played by windsnow
Name Leonard Gunlock
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Birthdate 6th September
Height ideal
Weight ideal
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Gray when normal and Gold when entering Quickdraw Vission
Skin tone Lightly Tanned
Occupation Former Gun for Hire but recently start working as a Bike Mechanic
Favourite food Grilled food and Stews as for drink…Whisky and Rum
Known skills Quickdraw Vission which enables him to slow things that he see and make his body react faster
Alignment Neutral False
Birthplace Lighthalzen Slums


Youthful, toned, and scarred… although Leonard is young, his heart is aged beyond his years. A rough life and hardened heart show through in his cold gaze and emotionless expression. He has jet black hair and gray eyes which stand out from his lightly tanned skin. When he does smile, it has a domineering air about it. He can often be seen smoking, sipping from his flask, and sometimes riding his motorbike. Leonard’s right arm has been replaced with a metal prosthetic, which also has built in capabilities such as an concealed army knife, a shotgun, and a short-barreled rifle which he uses for emergencies.


Leonard doesn't see things in black or white, only green- he’s a gun for hire and nothing is more important to him then money. Having lived a hard life in the Lighthalzen slums observing the rich living in luxury while the poor suffering daily, Leonard learned to view money as a god. He learned money buys everything, even a better life; so now he does anything and everything to collect green. He isn’t afraid to sink to any depth if it’s to catch a pretty penny, be it betraying his clients or selling information. In this is his strength; he’ll go to no end to be loyal and hardworking for the highest bidder, making sure to get the job done. He carefully calculates exactly how much force to use for each mission, making sure to benefit both himself and his client while minimizing costs of repairs, gun upkeep, and bullets. Only when cornered and left without options will Leonard pull out the big guns. Although Leonard seems like a cold, heartless individual, he has a soft side which he allows only those he trusts to see. It’s simply that he knows when to turn off his humanity to get work done…


Leonard grew up in the Lighthalzen slums with this little sister. Because his parents mysteriously disappeared when they were both very young, the children were cared for by the Elder of the slums, living with other orphaned children. He spent most of his childhood in poverty, sometimes having to skip meals for days. He did what he had to in order to ensure he and his sister would survive, and that included going into town and lying, stealing, and cheating his way into food and money. He was treated as street trash by the upperclass citizens of Lighthalzen, and he was even bullied by the older children of the slums. Although he had no lower to sink, even as a child, he was constantly victimized and beat into the ground.

Growing up in this harsh environment made Leonard desire nothing more then money. He idolized it, viewing it as his salvation. As he aged, he began to scavenge junkyards with other kids, and they patched together a motorbike with a Triantula frame and discarded parts. Leon began making money as a racer using his bike, and did a fair amount of gambling as well, which gave him enough to support himself and his little sister.

When the military took notice of Leon’s riding ability, they recruited him. Although it took some time, Leon completed his training and climbed the ranks, becoming a respectable soldier. Although his peers looked down on him for his past, he kept his eyes set on the goal of citizenship, which he would earn with a few years of service. During Leon’s final year of service before this could happen, he was badly wounded in a battle. His right arm was gravely injured- and because of the pride of his peers and the law of the land, he didn’t receive any treatment and was left to die.

On the brink of bleeding to death, Leon was found by a bike mechanic. Since the man knew nothing about healing or surgery and Leon’s wounds were very grave, he amputated. In place, the mechanic gave him a new prosthetic arm made of metal, loaded with guns and other devices which would prove valuable. Although Leon distrusted the military, he stayed just long enough to gain citizenship before quitting.

After that time, Leon worked as a gun for hire, saving money to purchase citizenship for his sister as well, in order to get her out of the slums and provide a better way of life. He was hired as a body guard, assassin, escort, delivery boy, bouncer, mercenary, anything; and as long as the pat is right Leon is there with his gun to do the job.

Recently, Leon helped a bandit guild, leaving only when he got a better offer as a bouncer at an underground pleasure facility. He got married to a fine woman and has a son who is now a few months old. Having a family motivated him to peruse a safer line of work, so Leon started his own bike shop to continue making an income.

Leon has a little secret- he made a deal with a certain male valkyrie and sold his own sold his own soul in return for Quickdraw Vision and the money to buy citizenship for his sister. He still supports her, as well as his family.


  • Pending
    • Pending


  • He have a jet black bike named G.A.R.M-B which is his custom motor bike derived from the ones he use in the Millitary
  • which is short for:
  • G.ressorial:The 2 wheels on the back of his bike can slide down and combine into one wheel for more speed track
  • A.rmament:the bike itself are attached with gun holders and weaponry as well as an ammy carrier and baggage for guns and stuff
  • R.einforced:reinforced with extra armor but lightweight as well and the shape of the armor is aerodynamic to maximize speed
  • M.otor-Bike:self explanatory…its a bike….its well balanced quite fast,can go in most terrains,quite durable,stable,and dependable
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