Played by Codylycan
Name Luca
Gender Male
Age Six
Race Human
Birthdate November 3rd
Height 4'0"
Weight 34lbs
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Peachy
Occupation Vagrant
Favourite food Apples
Known skills Archery
Alignment Child Chaotic Good!
Birthplace Unknown


Luca tends to wear casual clothing all the time. He always seems to be kept and clean all the time, except after he has returned from one of his many adventure's. He has shaggy blue hair that always seems to be in a mess, and carries around a brown pack, with it seems to be an unlimited supply of apples. Of course this is impossible.


Luca is your bright, bubbly little child you always wanted to have, if you wanted children that is. He is unnaturally well behaved, and respects most adults. He tends to make friends with everyone that is friendly, but is stubborn enough to even make friends with those who claim to be anti-social. His highly addicting cuteness makes everyone adore and awww at everything he does. Be that as it may, Luca can be very shy too. When there is a large crowd of people around, Luca tends to keep to himself or to other friends he finds not socializing with others.

Luca can be very tough as well, being that he has no home or anyone to call mother or father. Luca has taught himself to be very self reliable. Thats not to say that he wont accept help, because he will. Luca loves to talk when given the opportunity, and usually wont stop unless interrupted. If one does happen to make friends with Luca, they will find themselves a life long pal who is always there to cuddle and hug.


Luca's short past was one filled with horrible torment and an unloving family. When he was first born, Luca's family hated him. His father despised him for his blue hair and eyes, which none of his family or his wife's family had. Yes, Luca was a bastard child, meaning his mother cheated on his father and she had a little slip up, so to speak. His mother hated him, because he reminded her of the mistake she made.

The first four years of Luca's life was filled with horrible beatings, let downs, and scoldings. When he was alone though, Luca found comfort in cuddling a toy bear, one of the only things he had. In his sixth year, Luca got into big trouble by trying to help his mother plant flowers in the garden. He accidentally pulled out a very rare flower, thinking it was a weed.

"You little maggot! Look what you did!" Screamed his mother. Luca winced and cried as she gave him the beating of his life. When she was done, the mother strolled back into the house with a huff. Luca on the other hand didn't move, he continued to cry and moan in pain. Soon enough though he found enough strength to move and wandered helplessly into the forest. The poor boy had been beaten silly, and had no recolonization of where he was going. Night fell, and Luca collapsed into a heap beside a tree. When the boy awoke he remembered nothing of his past, save his name and the age he was.

This is where Luca's story becomes a happy one. Although abandoned, and without a family Luca is happier. He lives contently in the forest, eating fresh fruit from the trees. He also wanders into town time to time to mingle with his friends or new people he just met. All in all, it would seem Luca's tale is coming to a happy close, right?


  • Friend- Davven
  • Allies and Friends- Porings


  • Enjoys apples a LOT, loves furry things that he can pet, calls porings squishy's, and loves to hug almost everyone.
  • Art by a very nice person and friend! Find her Deviant Art here! ——>

Recent Developments

  • Luca has begun the great adventure! Explore everything.
  • Luca has discovered Poring Island, and has befriended the Squishes! Aka Porings.
  • Luca now lives with the Porings, and the Porings give him food.
  • Luca's new mission, cure Davven's broken heart.
  • Luca has made friends with the anti-social Davven!
  • Is looking for Davven who has went into hiding.
  • Has found Davven and is content to leave him alone every so often, BUT WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MAKING HIM HAPPY!
  • Heard about the Avatars, and wishes to become one!
  • Is currently looking for the Wind Elemental to become an Avatar!!
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