Lukiv Croix
Played by Gigz
Name Lukiv Croix
Gender Male
Age 53
Race Human
Birthdate April 7th
Height 6' 4"
Weight 240lbs
Hair Blood Red
Eyes Gold
Skin tone Tanned
Occupation Professional Soldier Branch Commander
Favourite food Chili Cheese Hotdogs
Known skills Weapon Mastery, Hand-to-Hand, Advance CQC Firearms Training
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Off Continent


A tall rugged man with the look of a devil. Scarred head to toe from countless wars, carrying a sadistic grin. Normally seen dressed in business like clothes and a trench coat with a fur collar. He's not a pretty man, or very handsome he's just a man with a serious face a arrogant, boggart look. Though in his 50's due to a accident his time was reduced and his body became younger by 15 years and now looks to be in his late 20s to early 30s.


A sadistic and cunning bastard, one that will stab a guy in the back to stab another in the front. War is him, he is constantly in love with violence and war. He hates a lot of things but loves a few.


As a small child he was trained by Arunafeltz extremists how to wage war, after a failed raid on a Schwartzwalden convey he was seperated from the only 'family' he knew. Lukiv was taken captive as a war criminal at the age of 8, where a Officer taken pity on the boy and adopted him. He caused many problems for his adoptive parents to the point to where he was sent to the abbey to trained and broken in to a different kind of social society. After a few years trained in the abbey as a monk he made it to Champion before running away at the age of 16. on the Western coasts of Advent there he met the most influential man of his life, a man he has named "The General". Upon meeting him and learning about the lie of a mercenary he left the continent in search of his fortune as a Merc on the move. Lukiv learned much as a mercenary, and found much. At the age of 26 he was married to a healer that joined the group and had a child of his own, 4 years later she dies during a evacuation attempt wounded civilians during a war crisis somewhere. During another battle zone him and his unit are hit by chemical attacks, the combination of the chemicals and antidote cause a few physical changes. He became sterile and his eyes changed shape and color to their beast likeness and gold color. At the well set age of 45 Lukiv runs across his father and sister as a war enemy, they change sides and join his mercenary unit. Lukiv returns to Advent at the age of 52.


  • Aurikyo - She's like a daughter to Lukiv
  • Sorrow - A good friend to Lukiv during his first months back
  • Nikita Jackson - Current love interest
  • Dante - Worked for her for a bit
  • There are others, just tend to forget.


  • Father of BAMF
  • "Is this the face of someone who cares? I thought so…"
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